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  1. Hi I was wondering if anyone can help me with Nero Multimedia Suite 10 I have tried to install unattended but not succeed. Now I need help, someone who knows how to make an unattended install? Not with autoit. Thanks in advance
  2. Hi I think that he mean IE8 to XP. I wonder how to does this? nLite can not do it there must exist something ways to do it on, I think How does man that Sereby’s addon? Thought do a swedish IE8-addon. But know not how i'll do Excuse my bad english //Sven
  3. Hi Exists it any that can help me? AVG 8.0 Pro not free How does man in order to get the silent install? Want to get with serialnumber
  4. If you add more laguages and you have more time please add also swedish
  5. Hi any that can help me with MediaPortal 2? I have tried to get MediaPortal 2 silent install. But IR Server Suite is installed from MediaPortal. Any solution on to get entire the install silent?
  6. Try this Nero7960_sve_lite.exe /VERYSILENT /SERIAL="1111-2222-3333-4444-5555-6666-7777"
  7. Now that works with nLite 1.3.5. Untouched Windows XP adds all Hotfix and addons .
  8. I have the same problems with nLite last. "Error Updating Reg Key Security" appears about 13 minutes. Thank you for a good work nuhi
  9. I looking for after swedish Nero lite Exists any that can, or want to help me to create a? Thank you for a good work
  10. Very simple. Copy all from CD 1 to a optional folder. WXPMCED. CD 2 copy CMPNENTS to the same folder that CD 1 WXPMCED. Open TXTSETUP.SIF with notepad. Change the following to. [sourceDisksNames.x86] 1 = %cdname%,%cdtagfilei%,,\i386 2 = "%cdname%","%cdtagfilei%",,\cmpnents\tabletpc\i386 3 = "%cdname%","%cdtagfilei%",,\cmpnents\mediactr\i386 4 = "%cdname%","%cdtagfilei%",,\cmpnents\netfx\i386
  11. Hi. Thank you for a good work you does. My desire is that when program that is of type ”MSI” Adobe acrobat, photoshop there are more program that don't want to install on correct sage. Goes it to do as that not a new installing starts before the ongoing the installation is ready. In now mode as start wpi installations before the first is ready. Hope that I explain as that there goes that understand. Excuse my bad english
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