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  1. disabling performance counters for non-existant services does NOT create said service and has no negative impact at all. besides, it is quite easy to check for existence of those services from a script if i wanted to.
  2. are the sites that it's not blocking all at the end of the HOSTS, or like in the second half? you may have discovered the filesize limit, lol
  3. try this fix from microsoft and see if it works: http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...03-EF6F7F4B451E
  4. i have low quality integrated stuff like that break all the time. you might just have to get a $20 soundblaster card. try the driver off your motherboard cd, and also try the driver off of windows update.
  5. you need to beat it soundly with a big stick. if that fails, maybe try running it with a switch or two?
  6. if all you need is "reasonable" protection then it will suffice. it's pretty crappy TBH.
  7. 5/19/2006 9:29:06 AM, by Eric Bangeman The road to Vista has been anything but a smooth one for Microsoft. Most of the difficulties Microsoft has faced so far have been technical in nature. Symantec is attempting to throw up a legal barrier in front of the software giant, accusing it in court of misusing intellectual property and violating a license agreement. Symantec is seeking financial damages, an injunction against the sale and shipment of both Vista and Longhorn server, and a recall of Windows versions currently on the market that allegedly infringe against Symantec's IP. At the core of the dispute is Symantec VolumeManager. Originally developed by Veritas Software, Symantec acquired it when it bought out Veritas in late 2004. VolumeManager is a server management product that allows admins to easily partition volumes, automate some admin tasks, and remotely monitor volume, partition, and server information. In 1996, Microsoft licensed a version of VolumeManager from Veritas for use in Windows 2000. According to Symantec, the company then rolled the technology into Windows Server 2003 without acquiring a further license. Symantec director of legal affairs Michael Schallop says that's problematic because Veritas (now Symantec) Storage Fondation for Windows competes with Windows Server 2003. "The breaches of the agreement and IP violations began after Windows 2000...They were not allowed to use that intellectual property to develop products that compete against Veritas," Schallop said. "They have used our intellectual property in terms of trade secrets and source code to develop competing products." According to the complaint, Microsoft is now incorporating Symantec's IP into the upcoming Vista and Longhorn Server products, which is why Symantec is asking for an injunction against the release of those two products. The two companies had spent some time negotiating over the issue. Once negotiations hit an impasse, they agreed to let the courts settle it for them. Micorosoft claims that it bought the intellectual property it needed from Veritas in 2004, prior to its takeover by Symantec and that the current dispute is a "very narrow disagreement" over the original 1996 contract. The big question is whether this lawsuit will hinder Microsoft's ability to bring Vista to market in January 2007 as currently planned. Injunctions can be powerful tools, and the mere threat of one helped convince BlackBerry maker Research In Motion to settle its patent infringment case for US$612.5 million. More recently, the US Supreme Court barred a lower court from enforcing an injunction against eBay over a patent similar to the auction giant's Buy It Now feature. The case between Microsoft and Symantec may be a different animal, as it centers on a licensing disagreement rather than a patent. Still, the lawsuit bears watching as the release of Vista draws closer. source: http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/20060519-6871.html am i the only one praying that microsoft executes a hostile takeover of symantec??? *crosses fingers*
  8. probably reached the limit of your phone line there, very nice. you might have a use for a dsl splitter. check it out here and if you get it post back how it works http://www.dsl-speed-runner.com
  9. what a dirty trick, i was expecting a bloody ending any moment! j/k
  10. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\ .net framework 1.1 counter: ASP.NET_1.1.4322\Performance vmware counter: VMware\Performance
  11. big thanks hp38guser! very nice. but now i have a huge request: would you be willing to make a short guide on modifying the nero installer? i pretty much got it down, except i can't see anywhere in the installer where those cab files are referenced. how do i know which cabs go to which components?
  12. haha, i was going to say that. but....it just seemed too obvious
  13. holy freakin jebus, now THAT'S a hosts file. there's gotta be a more efficient way for you to accomplish your goal. (also, i keep my DNS service disabled whether i use HOSTS or not, it still works fine)
  14. i got around it by disabling my ethernet card, but i wonder what devious software did this to me. my guess is either vmware or installshield and thanks for the tip, i'll remember that for the future
  15. when i right click my connection and hit 'disable' an error message pops up it says: --------------------------- Error Disabling Connection --------------------------- It is not possible to disable the connection at this time. This connection may be using one or more protocols that do not support Plug-and-Play, or it may have been initiated by another user or the system account. --------------------------- OK --------------------------- but the only protocol i'm using is tcp/ip. i've never heard of/seen this error before in my life (and i'm logged in as administrator, and don't even have any other accounts)
  16. i use a $40 oem sony drive, and have -never- burned at any speed slower than the max. haven't burned a bad disc once out of about 250 cds. my last burner is a different story tho. i had to burn slow AND verify each disc byte-by-byte before i could be sure it was okay. (it was a panasonic drive, i haven't bought anything by them since)
  17. i'm a crappy coder and i never had any trouble doing pure API. i actually thought LLXX had the best suggestion here. edit: i just dug out my VS6 cd and grabbed the API reference off of it. the declares are in VB style, but that shouldn't be a problem for you. here's the program with the needed .ocx, just load up one of the included text files with it: http://rapidshare.de/files/21306520/WINAPI.rar.html
  18. i just added this 2 seconds ago, and seeing 10.975 copies of it....so you shouldn't have any trouble completing it. edit: completed it last night. downloaded it at full speed the whole time. it's very well seeded.
  19. 22nd May, 2006: Nessus 3.0.3 available (adds support for Solaris, Windows) Tenable Network Security, Inc. is proud to announce the immediate availability of Nessus 3.0.3 (build 180). Nessus 3.0.3 fixes several bugs and adds some enhancements over Nessus 3.0.2 and adds support for the Microsoft Windows and Sun Solaris operating systems. This release contains the following fixes and improvements : - nessusd would stop in a middle of a scan if the log file is bigger than 2 gigabytes - nessusd would stop in a middle of a scan due to a hard to trigger one-byte memory overwrite issue - ping/packet forgery would fail when scanning a network over a NIC which was not enabled when nessusd initially started up - performance problems would arise when reading/writing KB files when scanning big networks - nasl -T - script.nasl now makes script debugging easier - Slightly faster initial plugins processing - More robust plugins database backend - On Mac OS X, users can be managed graphically thru the Nessus Server Manager program - Updated the plugins distributed with the archive Nessus 3.0.3 is available immediately for Linux, FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Solaris and as a public beta for Microsoft Windows. source: http://www.nessus.org/
  20. eat me wolfboy. your post is off-topic and you should have PMed me.
  21. if you have to ask that question you shouldn't be messing with it.
  22. isobuster is definitely worth a try. that's what i came here to recommend and i saw 2 other folks had already done the same
  23. go to your local bookstore and get this book: "Beginning Visual C#" published by Wrox. it's ~900 pages, softback, and only $39.99 list price. (isbn:0-7645-4382-2) it covers just about everything, and starts out from the beginning. you'll have to learn about the more advanced stuff other places, but i've been very happy with the book.

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