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    Okay thank you..
  2. Hi guys i have problem with my XP after i launched registrywinner! And it damaged my XP! I know it was stupid to use that software! I have important files on my hardisk - I have 2 partitions C and D partition - How i can get data from these partitions to my USB flash if SAFE MODE DOES NOT WORK TOO! PC ALL TIME RESTART
  3. I re-installed XP x64 on my PC! And later i updated it with all hotfixes and after hotfixes installation Nero do not want install. Where's problem?
  4. NFS MW?

    No dude i m not tried this method. But i try;)
  5. NFS MW?

    Thanks xfxBaker
  6. Can somebody smarter than can fix this file plz! I know that this file isn't secure becouse can steal cookies from my WEB! I Hope somebody help me fix this file;) Regards kp380lv Reason for edit: Moved code to an attachment. functions.txt
  7. NFS MW?

    Yeah! But you know i was installed 32 bit XP and Most Wnated working just great! So problem is in Windows XP x64!
  8. Yes i can open other files but that file i can't open:(
  9. When I try open my VISIO file then show's this error! "The Microsoft Office Visio Viewer can not load the specified URL or file" I need open that document becouse it is very important for me! I hope somebody can help me:) Regards
  10. Hi i wanna ask --> Can somebody insert all Windows XP x64 SP2 Hotfixes and Updates?
  11. NFS MW?

    Not working!? How can it be? NFS Carbon works but MW not working!NFS Underground and Underground 2 also working! ????
  12. NFS MW?

    Problem in setup after I enter NFS serial key!Then setup failed and shows -> Need latest directx 9.c! But i have already installed newest directx! With NFS Carbon no problem!Only NFS MW
  13. NFS MW?

    Somebody can tell me why NFS MW not working on x64 systems??? How to fix this if I wanna play NFS MW on Windows XP x64???
  14. 3rd Party firewall

    Probably best for x64 system is Outpost Firewall Security Pro suite x64!Outpost package contains firewall,antivirus,spyware,email scanner and other cool stuff;) And use LOW resources:)
  15. cFos Broadband Connect ?