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  1. Update!!! I'm now trying to work on the Win2000 Network. What I did was: 1) Clone The Master DC and the file server into VM. 2) Configure the VMs to run in the VMWare. I want to know if I can run the Win2003 CD to upgrade the DC directly or I should create another 2003 server to move the AD from 2000 to 2003?? Any suggestions??? Thanks.
  2. Hi, Just want to update the status. I started the process from the simple one (Case 3 from post #12). I cloned the 2k3 DC to a VM and created another 2k8r2 VM and did the following: a) I joined the 2k8 to the domain, B) used "DCPromo" to upgrade the 2k8 server to be a DC. From this step, I stucked. What is next step?? How can I take out the old DC?? How to transfer the AD information to the new DC?? How to move the data and login scripts to the new server?? (I used the DC as file server and DNS too). Thanks. :blushing:
  3. Thanks all for the info. Will try and update status.
  4. The reason I'm asking is that I have 3 sets of AD (They are not connected with each other) as follow: 1) Win2000 AD with several DCs they need to be upgraded to 2k8 but can only use the existing hardware (all Xeons) 2) Win 2k3 AD with several DCs and all x32, 3) Win 2k3 AD running r2 (x64). All of them needed to be upgrade and have different requirements but none of them want to buy new hardware. That's why make me so confuse on how to work on them. I'm looking for something like step-by-step information to follow with!! Please provide some help!!!! Thanks.
  5. But as I read from other posts, only 2003 can upgrade to 2008 and also has to match the platform (x86 and x64). Is 2000 can direct upgrade to 2008?? Thanks.
  6. Many thanks for your info. Will read through it. One more thing I want to know is would it be possible to just upgrade directly without buying new hardware?? Thanks. :blushing:
  7. Tripredacus, Thanks for your suggestion. Is there any way I can find step-by-step information to the upgrade?? I did some search from MS but wasn't able to find it. I also want some information on 2000AD upgrade to 2008. I post here for a month but seems nobody can help!!!!! Could you help me on this?? Thanks. :blushing:
  8. Hi, We're planning to upgrade our network from 2003 to 2008 and would like to have some information on the steps. Right now we have a 2003 network with several 2000 servers but they are used as application servers only. We have 8 x 2003 servers (32 bit) standard in different locations. Two in the main office that one used as DC and the other one used as file server. Others act as secondary DCs in different offices. I want to know if there is any way to directly upgrade the 2003 servers to 2008 x64 or I need to upgrade one by one. If I need to upgrade one by one, what would be the steps??? Thank you in advance for all your help. :hello:
  9. Thanks for faxt reply. 1) I'm using the RA to te XP PCs w/o problem. Only wen I try to connect to the Win7 PCs I got the error. 2) I will check on that but I think I did it already I added the admins to the group. Do I need to add the group from the Win7 PC or I can add through GPO like I did on the XP PCs.?? (I used GPO to allow the XPs ti allow help from admins). 3) Can I use GPO to configure the Win7 PC as I did in XP PCs?? Will the same GPO apply to WIN7 PCs?? 4) For the net-printers, is there any way I can put the driver onto the server so I don't have to go each Win7 PC to add the driver?? thanks again for your prompt reply.
  10. I have a 2K3 AD with XPs as clients. I used "Remote Assistant" to assist users for years w/o problem. Recently we added some Win7 PCs and I found cannot connect to these PCs by using RA. Any ideas?? Also, after adding the Win7 PCs, I want to add the printer drivers to our network printers but cannot find the option. How can I add the Win7 driver option onto the net-printers??? Thanks for the help in advance.
  11. Hi all, I need some help as follow: I have a 2K3 domain and some XP PCs Is there any way that I can change the background screen (like add a logo) when the PCs display the logon screen (now is blue). I want to add a company logo at the background. Thanks.
  12. hons

    XP SP3

    Does it has the link to the x64 version???
  13. Try to do it simple!!!! Try this : http://www.dslreports.com/whois It will tell you what IP yoursefl is.
  14. I have the same problem but what I need to do is to display a warning everytime a user logon to the network or local a/c. So, where how should the script wrtten and where should I put the file???? thanks in advance for the help!!!!!
  15. Sorry for the late reply. Our network connected by T1s and some internal connections that suppose have 3MB/s speed. When I tried to copy the files from site to another, it takes long time to finish. I did try to force the NIC to 100MB/s and Full Dulpex but that seems not the case. Any idea???

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