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  1. Check out the thread on mobo/processors recommondations listed before for some links http://xp.modrica.com/forum/showthread.php...=&threadid=2469 these new KT333 boards do look interesting:cool:
  2. Thanks for the review Boogs:D I will stick with the det 27.20 drivers....seem to be the best so far:rolleyes:
  3. zErO

    Stable my butt

    tom I would say that ur problem definatly lies somewhere with ur drivers...[b:29dc083d05]TCPIP.SYS lives in the system32/drivers directory[/b:29dc083d05] so there is some sort of conflict with xp and ur hardware. this is what I would do: 1. I assume that you have flashed your bios so that it has the latest update from your mobo manufacturer 2. strip your computer down to the bare minimum, by this I mean only have the devices that you need to have in your computer running installed (you wont need things like sound card, modem) anything that is non esscential *by doing this it may help determine exactly where the conflict lies 3.Run your computer to see if you still recieve any errors add your modem in but leave out things like your sound card as that is the last essential item The problem may well lie in your video card, so it would help to have a spare card handy I have a Nvidia based card and the best drivers I think for XP so far have been the Det 21.83/27.20 drivers let us know what version drivers you are running for all your hardware, someone may be able to point out better or other drivers that may fix your problem.
  4. Is there no end to ur wit? :assshake
  5. haa haaa!!point taken since u put it that way:D
  6. Actually quite an extensive list they have at http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Techni...39^1050,00.html thought it would be a p***y handful of recommended heatsinks...but like XPerties said why go with whats recommended when u can go beyond
  7. Boogs give us a comparison between the new ones and the det 27.20 drivers or what ever version ur running cause I might just wait till the so called next det drivers in about 2 weeks:D
  8. Cool stuff XPerties:cool:, Im jumping on board right now been looking for a freebie site with this much space and support thanks
  9. what do u think Im thinking of getting one:D , I wish just a little too extreme for me...but it would be nice http://www.battlechair.com/photos.htm
  10. this is a good site for prices and reviews checkout the review on the KT333 chipset: http://www.amdmb.com/article-display.php?ArticleID=158
  11. Virtual dub is very good for converting avi to mpg2, I used to use it a fair bit or go with TMPgenc.......both are very good
  12. Here u go AaronXP give this ago, it should diable the auto expanding trees in windows explorer 1) close Windows Explorer if it's running 2) go Start -> Run, then type "regedit" 3) Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerAdvanced 4) Change the value of "FriendlyTree" to 0 5) close regedit, and start up Windows Explorer. Auto-expanding menus are now off and there is a tweak to keep ur context menu so that it stays above ur taskbar, mine when opened scrolls over the taskbar. as soon as I remember how I got it I will pass it on
  13. zErO

    Stable my butt

    Roxio has major problems, look around at alot of other forums and you will see people having problems with roxio. They have released that many patches to rectify the problem with xp, yet still cant get it right. There are plenty of better burning progs, that wont give u the trouble assocciated with this program. So if ur still having major problems on your system start by removing ne programs or software drivers that are known to have conflict problems.
  14. I used to work at KFC part-time in college, you wouldnt believe some of the things that go on sometimes. never eaten it since those days, man there was all kinds of weird things in the chicken, sometimes they just picked it up of the floor after it had fallen under the cookers...nobody ever cleaned under there FthrJACK think ur self lucky it was only brain,lol ive seen rat droppins in the coleslaw before:eek:
  15. Have to agree with Conan & Boogs If ur running an upgrade of xp u may have picked up issues from installing over ur previous o/s....clean install is always the better option I use Power dvd 4 made for xp and runs fine, so does the windows media player, check ur vid drivers and get the ones that work well with ur system
  16. zErO

    ATI Radeon

    Getting a weird refresh rate when gaming with these drivers, screen looks like it goes on standby then flicks into the game after about 30secs:mad: havent had ne issues with the 6015 drivers yet:rolleyes:
  17. Not a bad board, has definatly got some good features now all u need to do is hook urself up with some good ddr and a serious heatsink and ur kicking
  18. Read the thread xp processors http://xp.modrica.com/forum/showthread.php...=&threadid=2419 ne way a Xp processor uses the same chip core, code named Palomino which can be found in Athlon 4 notebook chips. It is supposed to use about 20% less power then the original Athlons and has 3DNow professional which adds 52 new 3D and multimedia instructions which makes it compatible with Intels SSE instructions. I use a shuttle AK31 v3.1 mobo for my xp1800+ the best thing u can do once you decide on what cpu is to check reviews on boards : decide what ram u want..DDR/sdram etc( how much does this board support) whether or not u want a raid board, does it have enough pci/agp etc slots does it support agp x4 and always look for a board that is easily upgradeable the list goes on my friend, sort out what u want in a mobo and then look for reviews on boards similar to ur requirements
  19. Definately a nut, better of with 2/3 larger screens:eek: how the hell can u view all those
  20. LS_Dragons - I'II still be here so I will let u know, maybe I will have an answer to this stupid theory by then:D
  21. If your made up your mind to get a P4 then stick with that the guys have given you some good advice and the link Reverend gave u gives some good reviews on some of the P4 boards so make sure u check that out I have a P4 1.7gig and Im using a asus P4T-E(i850) board, which i think is a great board and yes RDram is a good performance booster:D
  22. Right click on ur taskbar and choose [b:5d046ad2f7]"properties"[/b:5d046ad2f7] at the bottom then in taskbar appearence tick [b:5d046ad2f7]"show quick launch"[/b:5d046ad2f7] and u should have ur desktop icon on the bottom left of ur taskbar near the start button:cool:
  23. sounds like a good way of looking at it, I guess thats how they figured it Go Drewdatrip:cool:
  24. zErO

    xp icons

    aKaFrEE - check ur pm

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