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  1. File Copy Software

    Found a perfect tool for the job Link is here; http://www.onlimemedia.com/products/smartbackup/
  2. File Copy Software

    Hi, Sorry I should have been a bit more specific, currently the files are sitting on our file server there is about 30GB of data, I then need to move the files off of the file server to our Network Attached Storage. But I dont want to move the whole lot, I only want to move files within a certain time frame. It would be easier for me to move these files using the last modified dates, as the creation dates are in accurate because the server was only installed backing Dec 2002, so the creation dates of the files show up as only being created in Dec 2002. Thanks, Hudson-Manx
  3. File Copy Software

    Hi, I have been given the task at work to clear out files on one of our drives, but I need to move files within a certain time frame. Does anyone know of any software that I can buy to do this, ideally I would like the software to move the files by last modified date. Any feedback would be much appreciated. Thanks, Hudson-Manx
  4. PC Mark 2002 released

    We officially have the Michael Schumacher of Benchmarks, congratualations Elite!!
  5. My PC keeps rebooting at random times

    We had a simular problem posted here about a week ago. You mention you have switched off Automatically Reboot option. After the machine reboots have you looked in the event logs to see if there are any errors? When your machine reboots does it boot straight away or does it check the disk drive(s). Thanks
  6. PC Mark 2002 released

    AMD 1.4 GHZ 512MB DDR Geforce 3 MAXTOR 60GB HD - 7200RPM CPU Score = 3624 Memory Score = 2618 HDD Score = 821 This test was done on my work machine, I will try my home computer tonight to see what that comes up with.
  7. Motherboard and Processor reccomendation anyone?

    I am upgrading my machine at the moment, I decided on a Asus A7V333 with Raid, 6 Channel audio and 1394 port. for processor I went for a Athlon XP 2000+ , Corsair DDR2700 memory. Fthrjack is right AMD is a more cost effective way to go, and in most cases out performs the Pentium 4 and leaves it for dead. AMD gets my vote everytime!!
  8. How to fry and egg in your PC

    Sorry about my spelling mistake in the subject.
  9. How to fry and egg in your PC

    This is totally nuts, its ok if your cooker packs up i suppose. http://www.handyscripts.co.uk/trubador_egg.htm Thanks
  10. How to BBQ a Geforce2..

    I will find the article on how to fry an egg in your PC and post it. Thanks
  11. How to BBQ a Geforce2..

    Must be nuts, I saw an article about how to fry and egg within your computer. Some people just take things a little to far.
  12. ChiefTec Case

    I like the Coolermaster Cases, nice ventilation Thanks
  13. Computer starts up automatically...

    Check your power up timers, in the bios, they might have accidentely been activated.
  14. Im gona miss you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Safe driving dude!!
  15. STOP : 0x000000D1

    Thanks Xperties, I checked most of the KB on technet, but nothing concrete. I will try the suggestion about changing memory and see what they does. Failing that I will tweak the pagefiling. Thanks