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  1. I still cant get your page up , if youve got a Mercedes of some discription then it must be okay
  2. nOOb , to be honest its been so long since I last used 2k, still liking the features that xp offers so Im going to stay a nOOb for a little while longer
  3. Happy Birthday Drewdatrip, hope it a good one
  4. Your a** is going to be fried FthJACK, everytime I frag you, your going to wanna wish for your mommy. . Im going to be all over you like a rash, it will be like your worst nightmare LOL Oohyeah Im in
  5. A new e-mail worm has surfaced that uses the terror attacks of Sept. 11 to lure victims, antivirus groups say. The worm has the subject line "All people" and appears to be from "main@world.com." It has an attachment titled "11September.exe." According to antivirus company McAfee.com, the worm starts a mass mailing to all people found in Microsoft's Windows and Outlook address books. The worm is believed to have originated in Russia. But according to McAfee, the programming is buggy and it fails to work on many systems. The company classified the worm as a low-level threat. "This seems to be a poor attempt from a wannabe virus writer to exploit the commemoration of Sept. 11," Mikko Hypponen, manager of antivirus research at F-Secure, said in a statement. "However, as the worm seems to crash regularly, it won't go far." Source:News.com All I can say is I'm disgusted
  6. Go control Panel>Administrative tools>computer management once open scroll down to disk management and click on it. It should then show you all the drives and their drive letters. You simply need to select the drive you wish to change by right clicking on it and and then selecting "change drive letter and paths". Another menu box will appear with the current drive letter, select change to choose a different drive letter
  7. Installed and running fine, slipstreamed myself a copy for next time
  8. Yeah I think its fake, I think a few peeps are just dreaming that its been leaked. The preview looks awsome, thou
  9. Your sites down, the link is no longer working
  10. Nice frontpage, the site is looking really good I like the fact that it shows what the hot threads are and the latest news
  11. Happy birthday bro, just noticed it was your b'day so I hope its a good one :bigok
  12. Yes unfortunately the site is down for the moment, should be back up again shortly
  13. Got my grubby little hands on a copy of this game, this is sweet...thanks looks real good
  14. nice screen xper, I brought a MAG LT765 17" about 2 mths ago.....its been fantastic
  15. that is seriously a long one zivan56, what happened to take a few moments to read was more like 10 mins. I never read these anymore I just highlight and delete
  16. I was looking at picking up a copy of this game.....is it any good Tris???
  17. Orange County LOTR Star Wars 2,4,5,6 Pulp Fiction Lock Stock
  18. zErO

    Math Help

    LMFAO , love the blond jokes
  19. This is a great idea, no more staring blankly out of the plane windows or watching the same boring movies.
  20. Congrats MSFN, I will enjoy being here for many many more
  21. Primary - Maxtor 80gig ATA133 Maxtor 40gig ATA133 Secondary - Liteon CDRW drive Sony DVD drive
  22. Actually zipp I have a Geforce 4 4200 (myvivio) Leadtek card and since my last reformat I dont even get that load screen with the bars on boot up. Flashes straight past it and flickers a slight blue just as it goes to the login screen. The flicker is so quick you hardly notice it unless your constantly watching the screen at boot. But overall my boot up time is quick as hell so Im happy not to have the bootup bars I wouldnt worry about it unlees your getting some serious boot lag
  23. Happy B'day for the other day bro
  24. I dont see the point of buying a faster cpu, if your going to run it on a board that will only utilize 75% of its full potential. Its either get a mobo that supports this cpu upgrade or stick with your current board and get the best cpu for it. Running a 2200+ at only 200 FSB is just going to be a waste

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