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  1. new modem but hangs up on me

    My isp is prodigy.net. Yes blackwar I have tryed that update, it does the same thing that the original drivers on the cd do. The screen said that it is dialing but after about 1 min. I pick up the phone and there is still a dial tone so it never dialed. When I load the XP generic drivers the modem connects but it disconnects me sometimes to, even with a 49bps speed.
  2. Yes I Hated XP and it still kicks me now and again.. Read my posts and you will see I wasnt happy. BUT thanks to all your help and the link to Sisoft Sandra computer burn in program I have found the root of all my problems in XP. It was my DDR memmory chips, I had two 256 Mb chips installed and they where conflicting with each other, I found out from the burn in program that they where different brand names to, so I went out and bought a 512 Mb chip and Im a happy camper. REMEMBER THIS POST. Bad memmory will cause just about all blue screen errors and Internet Explorer errors . CHECK YOUR MEMMORY. Thanks again to all who helped me.
  3. Happy B-day

    Thanks to all for the Birthday wishes. Yes im 43 now but still love to compute and kick a** In online games.. good greef my first pc was a Tandy with only a tape recorder and no hard or floppy drives.
  4. I bought a Creative modem Blaster 56k v92. The modem hangs up on me after I connect to the internet or start a game online, strange indeed. I have NEVER DISCONNECT CHECKED, but it still does, any ideas.
  5. Quake Arena<<<cool Game

    Yes I do have Xp firewall disabled and I closed all start up programs to, so I dont think it drawing on my system or memmory. If I have a good connection speed on my modem I should be aloud to play, right. any one have any tips for me so I can play. Thanks.
  6. Quake Arena<<<cool Game

    But I cant play online for some reason. I got a 56k modem and when I connect to a game server "any" I get the error message ' connection Interrupted" and cant play. I am in the game and all action is moving around me but I cant move or do anything.. HELP ME PLEASE. I want to frag all of them!!
  7. motherboard question

    The system locks up all the time and the memmory test was a low level test not the high stress test. what is the 2.2.2 setting for ram, I cant find anything like this in my bios
  8. I ran Sisoft Sandra, a benchmark test program, and it told me to update my SMBIOS DMI to 2.3 or above, is this my MB bois? I also ran a benchmark burn test on my DDR memmory and it locked up twice and gave me a BSOD. does this mean my memmory is bad?
  9. If his company leases trucks from Penske and he gets around, I might have the privilege to meet him.
  10. Who here has this video card, any problems, What drivers are you using. Also anyone have a Gigabyte motherboard, Mine is a Ga-7DXR ANYONE HAVE THIS BOARD. What drivers do you run,. thanks.
  11. I want remote assistance please

    Amd 1400 cpu. win xp home full edition, 512 ddr memmory Nvidia gforce3 Ti 200 video card, Uninstalled sound blaster live xgamer card because of trying to solve this problem. No games installed yet. New install of Xp, and I get explorer errors all the time, cant stay online for long, some times not at all and I have to shut down and reboot.
  12. I want remote assistance from a PROFESSIOAL USER OR TECK. Please let me show you the Hell I am going through with win XP. Please please please HELP ME.:cry :cry :cry
  13. explorer error

    I just installed win xp on a new hard drive and I just got my new drivers on a disk for my nvidia geforce3 card and it works great. The problem error pops up at any time when Im on the net. It poped up 3 times when I tryed to post this message, same error.it says "internet explorer has to close because of a error in explorer" Its IE6 with the sucurity updates so I really dont know what to do.. Oh yea, no sound card installed yet.
  14. explorer error

    code 0x0000005 any ideas