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  1. Hi! I am not sure if this is posed in the correct forum, if not please feel free to move it to the relevant section! Right, I have bought a new SATA hard drive off fleebay and am due to receive it tomorrow, now this is my first ever SATA drive I have experienced and need help and advice for setting it up! Its a 40GB drive, and would like this as my main System OS boot drive to replace my current IDE PATA drive. I do not have any other SATA drives, so a RAID/mirror/stripe is not necessary and I would get confused with such! My questions: ** Can I clone my current WinXP partition and simply restore it on the new drive or would I need to do a complete new install? ** I have the SATA Driver Floppy thingy from the mobo manufacturer, can I just add this to the drivers in nLite (I am doing an nLite modded install and I seem to remember a long time ago I had a customers laptop with a SATA hard drive, i just added the SATA drivers to nLite & it worked!) would this work on my desktop machine? ** My mobo is a SATA I revision, (1.5Gb/s) is there any increase of speed compared to my current PATA drive, and would I notice such a speed change? Thanks for your time and I hope to hear back from people soon with the replies! Arty.
  2. Thanks for your reply cluberti! I only just found Vista WAIK thrusday night, but had to wait till yesterday to download it round my old land lady's house as Im just using my GPRS internet at the moment and man its way slow! I will try to find the Win7 kit 2morra when Im back round there, but to be quite honnest, I doubt that I will get far with this as it just goes *WAY* over my head! I have tried countless tutorials & examples, but none work how I would like them to :-( Basically I need a bootable shell like WinPE or BartPE, when it loads up I want it to just run an application that I have made that contains all the tools I would need! With WinPE I have tried to put this said application in the mix, but when I test the iso in VirtualPC, none of my files are there! I really am getting a headache through all of this and Im not sure if I should keep on trying or just make my own DOS boot media as I know I could do it a lot quicker there, but its the old way and Im all about the new!
  3. Hi I have just downloaded the Vista WAIK from Microsoft and installed it, I followed a tutorial from here: http://apcmag.com/windows_pe_20_a_tiny_ver...maintenance.htm and have followed the instructions to make the ISO, I have checked this in Virtual PC but after it loads it just opens a command prompt window titled startnet.cmd and just displays X:\windows\system32 after it loads wpeinit. How do I use this to add and customise the iso with my custom tools and what-not? I have googled & read a few pages on it, but I have found nothing that I can use Please help me!
  4. WHY has this been moved into Windows PE section for? I dont have Windows PE, only Bart's PE Builder which is totally different?!?!?!?
  5. Hi! I have thought hard about where to put this thread, and as it is about Windows XP I thought I would post in here, but by all means feel free to move this to a more appropriate section if necessary! Right, down to my query. would it be at all possible to make my own recovery shell (such as IBM's Restore & recovery)? I know I would have to use Bart's PE Builder for the base of the load as the official shell from IBM is a Windows PE environment, and I have played around with PE Builder so I know what I am doing there. I have thought about it and I would like to use a totally self-customised application(using AutoPlay Media Studio) for the rest of the process, and I am just wandering if i could just call the finished application 'explorer.exe' and replace the standard explorer with 1 that I have created, it would have included tools for partitioning, disc scanning, spyware & virus removal tools (all freeware of course) and my own custom Windows XP install options part, as well as backup & restore options for files on the hard drive... What do you people think? would this work and how difficult would it be to make it all? This would be a perfect project for me if it was possible as I love nothing better than messing around creating basic simple apps and I feel this would be really beneficial and aid in the installation and or fixing problems on my PC's. Any tips, hints, comments and the like would all be very gratefully recieved! Thanks for your time in reading and posting in advance Arty.
  6. Thanks for your reply Kiki and sorry for the wrong section, I was pretty much out of it last night, not much sleep recently, but anyways lol! My laptop is an IBM Thinkpad T42, I had a quick look at the OEMScan thing last night, but Im not sure I could figure it out as everytime I tried to do the scan, it would tell me there were missing files in the Lenovo folder, so I did a search and found all the files it said couldnt be found in the system32 folder along with another 1 from CatRoot, but once the files were copied into the Lenovo folder of OEMScan nothing happened! I am currently looking through the other links you kindly provided and will return my findings in due course (new house, no broadband so using my mobile as a modem and painfully slow lol) EDIT: Actually, I think now I understand a bit about the OEMscan utility, I have manually copied the oembios files into the proper folder, now for the important question, how do I call the oemscan program, ie, can I call it from the RunOnceEx.cmd file, would it be possible to call it from within WPI either before or after apps have finished installing or can it just be run from within windows when everything has loaded (ie, double click on it whenever) ? Thanks
  7. Hi all, this is the situation I am in at the moment: I recently got given a laptop for christmas that has XP Pro installed, I also have the system restore CD's as well as the hidden recovery partition on the hard drive, I was really determined to finally see through to the very end an unattended XP setup DVD with all my programs & apps ASAP. I have now completed this, I have nLit'ed it and got windows updates & my apps to work perfectly, it is all good apart from 1 thing, activation! I have tested the DVD in a virtual PC and on my laptop on the original HDD that came with the laptop (I upgraded the HDD as it was only an 80GB) anyways, I have tried every single way described on this site to preserve the activation (saved the wpl.db & registry snippets) and set it to restore this when windows installs, BUT, after WinXP is installed, I get WGAtray come up telling me this version of WindowsXP is not activated, I thinks no worries, I will just make sure all my apps & settings work first to avoid too many activations, but after WPI reboots the PC, I am told I HAVE to activate windows to continue to use it, if I click on OK, it tries to activate, but to no avail as I have currently disabled the network adaptor (I dont like being connected to the net without AV software installed first) and if I click the other button, it just logs me off again, so is there ANY way that works so I dont have to activate Windows everytime I install XP?? Please help as it has taken me a good few weeks of me forcing myself to stick with this project and not just give up, I just need this last piece completed before I can burn the DVD and start using it. Thank you very much in advance for your solutions
  8. WTF is going on with this?? it takes the 370MB Nero Installer file and INCREASES it to 956MB AFTER taking things out!!! Also, when double clicking the created Nero.exe rar-ed file, i get the "Windows cannot find Setupx.exe. Make sure you have typed the name correctly etc... flip this, i will use my own methods to install it, at least then Ill know whats being added & what isnt!!!
  9. Erm, I think that after it has installed, you will need to reboot your pc for the services to register & start, this is how I did things with NIS 2006 Hope this helps
  10. Erm, Im fairly usefull with AMS, drop me a line telling me what exactly u want and I will do my best to help you
  11. Hi and thanks for your reply Tripredacus! I guess what with it being a newer hard drive then it wouldn't have worked lol! Erm no, the I386 folder is in the c:\ drive, and I habe looked at it, and it looks just like the ones that ya get on the CD, there is 5,396 files & 5 folders, total size being around 569MB, I am at the moment in the process of copying over the I386 folder to a spare USB key so hopefully I can add it with the WIN51, WIN51IP, WIN51IP.SP2 and WIN51IP.SP3 files from my copy that I have from the CD, after of course I have slipstreamed the Service pack into it! Forgot to add, its the Windows XP 2002 build, SP0 so hopefully I can manage to acomplish what I neeed to to get my gf off my back so I can concentrate on other projects I am doing I hope this has helped EDIT... Right, I can hapily say I have sucessfully managed it! The I386 was the right folder, as I have run nLite on it and sucessfully integrated SP2 to it, copies the WIN51, WIN51IP and WIN51IP.SP2 files to the root folder, added to MagicISO, and exported the boot image from a working XP CD to the new MagicISO image and saved it! Booted up all ok in virtual machine, and it seems to be installing right, and as an added bonus the CD key was added into a UNATTEND.TXT file that was part of the original I386 folder (the laptop is so old all the text on the COA sticker has all but vanished!) So let this be information if anyone else happens to have an old IBM Thinkpad with a service partition, this is how to make a fully working XP CD :thumbup
  12. Hi! sorry if this is in the wrong place (if somebody would like to move it to the relevant place if not) but I am really under pressure! I have a problem, or rather my girlfriend has a problem and this makes it a huge massive problem for me (them with long-term gf's / wives should understand what I mean!) Anyway, my gf has an IBM Thinkpad T30 (yeah well old I know!) but the hard drive suddenly packed up the other day, now I managed to grab everything off the hidden service partition to install windows XP, but now we have another hard drive (same size as the old 1, 40GB) I cant get the service partition to work! I have tried to format the partition with NTFS, FAT & FAT32, but nothing seems to enable the F11 ket to boot from service part from startup (and yes, it is enabled in the bios!) Now, being as windows XP is going to need re-installing anyway, I thought I would update it to SP3, another problem there as the recovery files are either .CRI or .IMZ files, I have tried to extract the IMZ files with WinImage, but aparently they are passworded so cannot extract them! I have found out that dumping the contents of the service partition to the main partition and then booting will recover & install Windows XP, but I'd like to be able to either somehow restore the service partition to how it once was on the old hard drive, or ideally somehow be able to extract the windows XP file so I can make a normal bootable install CD for it. Can anyone shed some light on this, or even help me please as I promised her I'd have it done for her, and the longer it goes not fixed, the longer she uses my computer, and then I have to wait for her to go to work or be in bed before I can catch up on my own stuff! All ideas, help, critisism and whatever else will be most welcome as I am running out of paracetamol for the headaches she keeps giving me! Thanks all in advance! EDIT: I have just found out that once Windows XP has setup on the latop using the files grabbed from the service partition, that on the c:\ drive there is an I386 folder, can I just bung this into an iso and add the win*.* files that are in the root directory of the main setup cd?
  13. Hi all, I have found the problemo here It was actually with AutoPlay Media Studio, as I had the option set to hide the bit that shows on the taskbar (like when you open something, be it a program or a window, that bit that appears at the bottom (see attatchment) So after a lot of ripping my hair out, I just changed it back to standard and all was well! I think the problem occured because when running RunOnceEx on startup, it dont load the taskbar, and this was where the error was coming from! Thanks for the replies though, I only figured it out a few hours ago
  14. HI radix! Wow, its a lot of work there you have done, and let me say it went, installed & worked perfectly I really wish I knew more about these things, then I would be posting help instead of asking for it! Thanks again radix, your a star EDIT: I really like that idea of storing the key like that, as with other programs that I needed a key for, I set AutoIt to type it in manually, which sometimes didnt always work well, so I will be trying this script for others to see if it will work like that
  15. Does anyone have an idea how to silently install this baby? Its an msi file, and USSF reports that should work, but tried it and AMS reports an "invalid key" message, so I need a way to somehow put the key in!I have tried exporting it from the registry, but again, "invalid key" error when trying! It is not that the key is invalid, as I got a fully licenced version, just 1 of them setup programs where ya need to enter the key during setup. HELP!!! anyone know of a way?

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