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  1. MicrosoftSearchEnhancementPack.msi missing

    Thanks for the suggestion Kiki. I decided to uninstall that Windows Search 4.0. I was hoping for more options like typical Advanced search. Instead once it found stuff (rapidly I must admit), it did not allow you to go to the folder it was in. It wouldn't be so bad if I could set it to permanently use the Search Companion by default instead of having to select it. But even after uninstalling (which required me to uninstall Hotfixes, Power Shell, SQL Service Packs, Security Updates for Search 4.0, Windows Updates, Security Updates for XP and MSIE8 updates) the Winoows Update tool tells me that this High Priority Update needs to be installed. So I might take MrJinje's link and try again. Thanks !!
  2. MicrosoftSearchEnhancementPack.msi missing

    Well, thanks, but no cigar yet. I downloaded that, and installed the parts I was interested in. But it is still telling me that the Update for Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack (that Windows Update says that I need) cannot find MicrosoftSearchEnhancementPack.msi. I search my harddrive and indeed it is not there even after installing the Live stuff. After that it reports Installation Failure ... Error Code: 0x6B2
  3. When I do a Microsoft Update, it tells me that I should update the Microsoft Search Enhancement Pack. When I do that, it downloads and then tells me that MicrosoftSearchEnhancementPack.msi is missing. I searched on that, but am so far unable to find it.