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  1. Hi: I am currently running Windows 7 Ultimate x64. I downloaded and created the Windows 10 Pro iso and ran it. It keeps coming back with an incompatible program issue telling me to uninstall Norton Ghost 9. I do not have Norton Ghost 9 installed - I removed that a long time ago. I downloaded the Norton Removal Tool that removes all Symantec products, and even went in to the registry to delete any references to Norton Ghost 9 there. I ran the upgrade installer again with the same error results. The autorun.inf file contains the setting open=Sources\SetupError.exe x64 Is
  2. Hi: My 7 year old HP finally bit the dust, and I wad given a new custom system. Now I am trying to get used to whee everything goes (I was using X befoe). I just reloaded MS Frontpage 2003, and I figured out how to have all of the menus display fully, but I need to figure out how to change the interface color from the default blue to something else. Can anyone assist me with this? I am not sure if this post goes in this area or not. Much thanks, Hag
  3. Hi: Kelsenellenelvian was so very gracious in helping me upgrade my Hp Win7 ultimate s86 and x64 discs to include sp1, and many updates. He is not able to assist me at this point so I am asking for assistance from anyone. I don't know if you use nlite or rvmi for slipstreaming win7 or another utility. Because of my blindness I need some assistance. 1. I also would like to know if there is a way to update the discs he created for me, because I do not any longer have my originals. I do have my serial number. 1. I need to be able to include .net 1.1 through 4.5 Kel had just .net 4.5 added. 1. I a
  4. Hi: I am using Dreamweaver CS6 to create a website. I have a membership application in Adobe PDF format. In frontpage 2003, , in preview in browser, the file will download correctly. In Dreamweaver, in preview in browser, the file opens in Acrobat instead of downloading. Here is the code that I am using: <a href="MLCmemberApp.pdf" title="click here to download Membership Application in PDF format"><u><font color="#0000FF" size="3" face="Verdana">DOWNLOAD</font></u></a></h5> Is there something I am doing wrong in Dreamweaver? Much thanks in advance, Ha
  5. Hi: I am running xp pro (32-bit) I have had problems with windows properly shutting down.. It just seems to hang with the "Windows is shutting down" message. I created a shortcut to shutdown windows which includes the following parameters: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\KILLAPPS.EXE C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32.SHUTDOWN.EXE -r -f -t 2 I also manually closed all programs that had processes in the system tray. Is there a program or utility that will kill all active processes, and then use the shutdown.exe parameters as above so windows xp will shutdown normally? Much Thanks
  6. I just followed these exact steps and got the correct result which is the old Windows 95 appearance with white text on dark blue background, this does appear correctly when right-click on the desktop (*and* in the flyout submenu with 'New'). We should full stop right here because getting something other than white on blue is a key symptom of something that needs to be fixed. Tinkering with Advanced Appearance will only mask it. Ideas ... [1] Accessibility feature or add-in of some kind? [2] 3rd party Theme Manager? [3] Some crazy policy setting or TweakUI adjustment? (Come to think of it, if
  7. Thanks, This would not be practical for me to do because I have an extreme visual impairment. I would never play with the registry myself
  8. Hi: I am using Windows XP Pro 32-bit. Under Display Properties > Appearance, I have windows configured for: Windows and Buttons - Windows Classic Style, Color Scheme: Windows Standard, Font Size: Large. I When I right-click on a blank space on the desktop the menu that contains: New, Properties, Refresh... appears with white on dark blue (normal for windows standard color scheme). If I select New, a menu appears containing: Text Document and more appears. for some reason THAT menu appears with black letters on dark blue (very hard to see). I would like to change this to the normal white on
  9. Hi: Being a blind computer user I might have missed something. I'm still running XP Pro with SP3. For some reason my right-click menu opeion of 'New Text Document' that would be associated with notepad disappeared. What can I do to add this item back to the right-click menu once again? Much thanks, hag672
  10. Hi: I finally got a new integration of Windows XP Pro SP3 working. The problem I am having is that if I go into My Computer its view is in icon mode. If I look at another window it is in tile mode. Is there any way I can set all window views to either tile or icon mode. If someone can supply a .reg file or some other tweak I would greatly appreciate it. Much thanks, hag672
  11. Hi: I modified the OnePiece AIP 4.6.1 to REM out the netfx11 through 4 installs. I then used nlite to integrate the onepiece. I then used RVMI to use Kel's entries_removal.ini to remove unwanted components becaue they were not being removed in the [components] section of winnt.sif. I then used nlite for the rest in a single stage. Being blind and multiply disabled is hard enough wih attempting to use rvmi or nlite. I attempted to have my aide assist me in using HFSLIP, but she got real angry with me and told me if she had to do any more of this she would quit. I could never let that happen. I
  12. Hi: I first integrated the onpiece post sp3 aio 4.6.1 (with the entries.ini modified to REM out the net framework installs. I then used RVMI to use Kel's entries_removal.ini to remove silverlight, windows desktop search, etc. I then ran nlite again and added each dotnetfx. entries.ini file in order from 11 through 4., added the unattended information, tweaks, and made the iso. I finally got the installers to appear and extract their files for .net 2.0 sp2 and 3.0 , and net 3.5 sp1, but all will not install. I now get an error code of 1603, and informed that Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0a is not
  13. Hi: I had a problem with the onepiece post SP3 AIO 4.61 in regards to the .net framework installation. I have some specialized software due to my disabilities that neded .net framework 1.1.4322 installed. Eventhough the onepiece had .net1.1 included I still had problems. I went into the onepiece and REMMed out the .net framework 1.1 and created a new integration with nlite. When I went to install .net 1.1.4322 it would not install because .net 2.0, 3.0 3.5, and 4 were installed. I went back to the onepiece and REMMed out all .net installations 1.1 through 4. I created a new integration from m
  14. The onepiece that I have been using is 4.6.1. I mistakenly put 4.5.1 in the topic title. as for the components section of winnt.sif, it seems to be ignored by nlite. Kell gave me an entries_removal.ini file to remove some files, and I REMMed out all netfx files... ;netfx11,,7 .net 1.1.4322 installs so does .net40. .net20sp2 and .net35sp1 does not. Neither does Adobe Reader 10.0.1. much thanks :
  15. Sorry, it didn't work. I first did what you showed to rem out the netfx11. After building a new integration I found that .net wants to have no other version installed. I then built a new integration, this time remming out all .net11 through .net4 in the entries.ini file. After building a new integration I had now included .net11, .net20sp2, .net 35.sp1, and .net40. I created a SVCPACK folder for each, and an associated entries.ini file. .net1.1 and .net40 installed. .net2 and 3.5 did not install. Neither did Adobe Reader 10.01. Also when dotnetfx11 instaled it showed all dialogs and needed us
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