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  1. here is the way i have made a lite installation of nero 7082 nice and easy it's something like tempuser's way from the nero 7054 topic but a little differend doubleclick the Nero- and wait for the screen that you should click next click cancel and copy the folder from %temp% then edit THIS msi before u do the admin install with installshield or a shimilar prog remove anything you dont want to be installed from inside the msi add your serial etc save it and then make the admin install from the modified msi this will give you a folder that has only the things you left in the msi to be installed 7zip it and add in the config.txt only /qb /norestart switches and nothing more and you're done
  2. ok... are you going to tell us the correct switchess?
  3. i'm using this for nlite : /sp- /verysilent
  4. paragon partition mananager can't do this ( as it's page says ) only the pro edition there is demo version available for download you could try it if you want http://www.partition-manager.com/home/personal/features.htmor read and try this : http://thelazyadmin.com/index.php?/archive...asic-Disks.html but i thing you have to find a way to back up the disk cause you can't be sure for nothing anyway... good luck
  5. for the shell: change the %WinDir%\Resources\Themes\Golden.theme to "%WinDir%\Resources\Themes\Golden.theme" it has to be in quotes line 27 is the OemInfName line but i dont know if you need to add in quote these
  6. mine is 210MB if you read in the top of the poll answers you'll see that the q is how much is the size of I386 folder and NOT the size of the full cd btw you could leave the progs on a second partition or HD and add only the batch file or whatever you use to run them in the cd and change only the paths in the batch file
  7. yes i know that but it worked wtih the full package maybe if someone wants to install CCC alone it might not work with this switch but with the full package ( display drivers, wdm drivers and CCC ) is working fine
  8. maybe you didnt convert it but as you can see in the disk management it is dynamic so... you wont be able to access it on xp home. you will access the disk only if you find a way to convert it to simple ntfs you could try partition magic as i told you before. it might convert it or you could search in google for "convert dynamic disks to simple" or something like that
  9. can anyone re-upload the file? it doesnt exists anymore in the link from the 1st post can anyone answer this plz?
  10. i dont have windvd but this is the way i know to do installshield setups silent (this is not 100% sure that will work) try it and you'll see... extract the contents of the archive with winrar or 7zip in to a folder if the installation is .exe run the setup with -R switch (it will probably ask you where to install - save it in c:\windvd) and finish the installation then go to c:\windows and copy the setup.iss file to the c:\windvd the setup.iss may be not in windows folder but it could be in your c:\windvd folder or in some subfolder of it just find it and copy it there or (if the .exe is not in c:windvd) copy it in the subfolder that has the .exe wherever it is you have to finish the installation and not reboot if needed and then copy the .iss then run the exe with -s switch ( some of them does not work with -s ) this is not working will all the installshield installers you have to try it and see if it works if it's msi just run it with the command that is in the window of your screenshot very simple i thing... no need for all the things above
  11. OMG! thanks RogueSpear! very nice guide! i'm going to try that one when i have time
  12. and why did you post the topic ? cause if you have title "deleted" you have found the answer before you post anyway...
  13. if your key is legal you will not have prob just tell them you have done a format on your pc and dont tell them that you have changed something in your hardware (they just can't know that) i have done this and they gave me the activation key at once
  14. the problem is that you have converted the disk to dynamic you can't acces dynamic disks on xp home i dont know if you can convert dybamic disks back to standar ntfs without formatting them but you can try to convert it with partition magic good luck
  15. 1) try to open computer management --> go to run and type compmgmt.msc (dont know if it's working on home) if it's working go to disk management to see if your disk was recognized and see it's status etc 2) you could try to open a cmd and do a CHKDSK X: /F to see if there are any errors in your drive ( X = the letter of your drive ) so if there are any errors windows can fix it so you can acces the disk if you want to only check for errors and not fix them run CHKDSK without /F i dont know if home is using fat32 and not ntfs but if m3n70r is correct you can convert your disk with partition magic without loosing anything
  16. as i understant nero is changing these values in every new installation so... if i'm correct you can't do nothing for that
  17. it's in the i386 folder as cyanide says but its compresed and it's name is syssetup.dl_ copy this one somewhere on your pc and uncompres it with 7zip
  18. see this topic for how to disable sfc : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=61107 then see the forum rules : http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=18408
  19. First go there for officexp or there for office2003 these are guides to show you how you can slipstream service pack in office and how to customize it's installation and add the serial after when you finish with this go there this is a guide to show you how to make an nlite addon in the config.txt add this : ;!@Install@!UTF-8! RunProgram="SETUP.EXE TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-" ;!@InstallEnd@! when you finish just integrate it with nlite from the hotfixes section and you'll have office installed with windows i have done it with officexp and it works fine the only prob is that windows takes a lot of time to install with this inside cause it takes a lot of time to extract it another way is to not compress it and not integrate it as addon but just do the things that are in the guide in the first links i gave you and add the customized office files in $OEM$\$1\install\Office directory of your xpcd and then run it with a batch file from guirunonce with this command : start /wait %systemdrive%\install\Office\SETUP.EXE TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb- and it will run on the first boot of windows good luck btw : you will need a dvd recorder this will not fit on a cd
  20. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Installation\Families\Plugins\Info] "Serial7_1139205157"="*123412341234" <--- mp3 pro plugin "Serial7_1139205177"="*123412341234" <--- advanced audio plugin "Serial7_1139205197"="*123412341234" <--- multichannel plugin "Serial7_1139205216"="*123412341234" <--- dvd-video plugin "Serial7_1139205227"="*123412341234" <--- blue ray hd dvd plyback plugin this is how the are on my pc BUT i noticed something the names of the values ( Serial7_1139205157 ) etc in my real pc are different from the ones in vmware so.. to be sure add the codes in nero with the manual way and then go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Installation\Families\Plugins\Info] and export it because the value names may be not the same in your pc
  21. i dont know if its been done before but you should have posted this in autoit script collection sticky topic
  22. InViSibLe Gr

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    d**n!!! thats a very nice sig Hydrox!!! well done!
  23. Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ahead\Installation\Families\Plugins\Info] "Serial7_1139205157"="*123412341234" "Serial7_1139205177"="*123412341234" "Serial7_1139205197"="*123412341234" "Serial7_1139205216"="*123412341234" "Serial7_1139205227"="*123412341234"

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