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  1. Has anyone been able to get drivers to integrate using MDT 2010? No matter what, it seems the drivers never get injected since after deployment, the video drivers are not there. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  2. I've been told that there is no way to skip it on the Professional version of Windows 7, only Enterprise (which is not in the RC!).
  3. Hi all, I've been trying to remove the Pre-Boot Authentication client that PointSec Full disk encryption installs. Basically, here's what I've done: Unlocked the drive using the procedure given to us by PointSec (I have full read/write access to the drive) Boot into WinPE 2.0 Wipe the drive using DISKPART clean all Apply the new image using Imagex When I reboot, I'm still prompted with the PBA (PointSec). I've tried using GDISK32 to zero out the drive as well. The vendor is saying that FIXBOOT will work but FIXBOOT isn't in PE 2.0. This is an automated process that needs to stay in PE 2.0. Any ideas guys?!? Thanks! -redfive
  4. format d: /FS:NTFS /v:Data /q /y You can guarantee the existence of D: if you use DISKPART prior to installing XP. I believe physical drives/partitions take letter precedence over DVD-ROM drives etc. Are you saying that D: will not always exist on every box you roll this out on? If that's the case, you can copy over a small dummy file (say source.txt) to the root of D: and have a batch file do a search in the root directories of all drives for existence of this dummy file. There's an example in the unattended guide for how to set the variable for the CD-ROM with this method. http://unattended.msfn.org/unattended.xp/view/web/59/
  5. Well, by your example, you would have to first format the partition. You should consider booting to a BartPE disk and running DISKPART (or scripting it). DISKPART can create all of your partitions and assign drive letters (even though these drive letters won't always be the same). You can also format these partitions in Bart PE. After that, you can pretty much run a regedit /s mydocs.reg (or whatever your reg file name is) from commandlines.txt You could also format the 2nd partition (after creating the drive letter in DISKPART) via the commandlines.txt.
  6. No you cannot BUT what you can do is create a batch file or VBS script to accomplish this and call it from commandlines.txt. Hope this helps.
  7. My $0.02... I'm a systems engineer for a large financial firm in the New York metro area and we're not upgrading to Vista till at least the first SP. Personally, I am not excited about Vista. It's pretty and all but in a lot of the early reviews I've read that games don't run any faster on it than on XP (I'm a gamer at home). Sometimes they even run slower. I am lucky enough that my system at home meets most of the req's but I would rather wait till all drivers and apps I use are finalized and working on Vista. Moreover, I am not completely gaga over the new features although the gadget bar is nice.
  8. Well looking at his screenshot, I can tell you that it will be different for every user who tries it. Reason is, the first part of the SAM ID (forgot the technical name for it) "S-1-5-18" is gonna be different. Definately makes this trickier. You should instead of using RegMon try RegShot to take snapshots before and after. Sometimes these keys are moved to a more permanent location.
  9. Here's the dirty way of doing it. You can have AutoIt write all of the values to the registry without using absolute paths. I'd love to do this for you but it'd take too long. RunWait('7z442.exe /S') sleep(200) Run(@ProgramFilesDir & '\7-Zip\7zFM.exe') WinWait('7-Zip File Manager', '') WinActivate('7-Zip File Manager', '') Send('!T') Sleep(100) Send('O') WinWait('Options', '') sleep(200) ControlClick('Options', '', 1023) ControlClick('Options', '', 'Button2') WinWait('7-Zip File Manager', '') WinClose('7-Zip File Manager', '')
  10. redfive19

    nLite 1.0.1 beta

    What TEXTMODE problems does this fix? I had a problem where my nvraid drivers weren't being properly integrated even though I followed all the steps by Fernando1 to integrate them with nLite. Would it fix that?
  11. np, I just realzied you also will DEF want to change WinWaitActive to WinWait Otherwise, if that window's not active, the script will halt till it is.
  12. if you send me the AutoIt window info text, I can send you the code. In fact, I am almost positive that the code I just posted might just work if there's only one button! Give it a try. Replace the Send('{ENTER}') with ControlClick('Reconfiguration Confirmation', '', 'Button1')
  13. Glad to hear! I love it when a plan comes together. As far as the ControlClick() goes, your best bet is to read the AutoIt help file. Basically it "clicks" a button for you instead of you sending enter. For instance: ControlClick('Reconfiguration Confirmation', '', 'Button1') Where 'Reconfiguration Confirmation' is the title of the window, '' is any text in the window and 'Button1' is the name of the button you want to click. You get the info the same way you got the title of that window - with the AutoIt Window Info tool. Hover over the 'OK' button or whatever button ENTER clicks. It should tell you what button name it is.
  14. try this. I don't know if both could ever exist together but who knows. I don't know your environment. $IA6PATH = FileExists(@ProgramFilesDir & '\checkpoint\integrity client\iclient.exe') $IA5PATH = FileExists(@ProgramFilesDir & '\zone labs\Integrity Client\iclient.exe') If $IA5PATH = 1 and $IA6PATH = 0 Then FileChangeDir(@ProgramFilesDir & '\Zone Labs\Integrity Client') Run('iclient.exe -config ' & '"\\(machinename)\C$\temp\reconfig\ServerIP.xml"') WinWaitActive('Reconfiguration Confirmation') Send('{ENTER}') Elseif $IA5PATH = 0 and $IA6PATH = 1 Then FileChangeDir(@ProgramFilesDir & '\checkpoint\integrity client') Run('iclient.exe -config ' & '"\\(machinename)\C$\temp\reconfig\ServerIP.xml"') WinWaitActive('Reconfiguration Confirmation') Send('{ENTER}') Elseif $IA5PATH = 0 and $IA6PATH = 0 Then Msgbox(0, 'None found', 'Neither was found.') endif That should work. I would personally use ControlClick() instead of that Send('{ENTER}'). That's risky if that window is not in focus. I like the FileChangeDir() command in there because I feel it's better to run arguments that way but it's just a matter of preference. You could also have AutoIt check the version of the iclient.exe if you wanted but that may be out of the scope of your needs. Tell me if that works. -Redfive
  15. I am right there with you Vince. I have the same mobo and the same problems. The good news? From all I've read (and I did have this up and running before) the nVidia raid blows away the Sil3114 also onboard.

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