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  1. thanks a lot m8! that was quick! you are the best!
  2. @Shark007 the link in the first post is not working can you upload it again plzzzz?
  3. oh! nice idea! i thing this one will work! i'll try it and let you know
  4. i just made an installer with InstallRite (Freeware) have tested it and it worked abolutely silent and nice if you want to make it work right do it with this but do it on a clean install of windows (vmware or something) p.s sorry cant post the installer here cause it has the serial of nero inside so you have to try it for your self its working very nice and you could try installrite with any program you like it will make a silent installer for you without switches with a few clicks! the only thing you have to do is install and load installrite then copy the prog to vmware install it and installrite will copy the setup and all the changes that had made on the system including registry and it will make an exe installer with one click if anyone likes to try that from the link download only installrite not installwatch
  5. oh ok got it now thank you i saw the switchess explanation with the Shutdown /? so it is as elajua said i was connfused cause kelsenellenelvian's command was -c "To finish installations WPI will now reboot in 30 sec..." and i did it in batch like this : echo. echo Restarting Windows echo please wait... start /wait C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe -r -f -t 30 -c i dint know what -c is and i left it like this and removed the "To finish installations WPI will now reboot in 30 sec..." cause when i saw this i thought that it was for WPI i removed the "message" after -c so thats why it didnt work btw i had found cmenu yesterday and i like it i am using autoit, scite and cmenu very handy progs i'm finishing the scripts on the fly with them! i did try PEID with my progs but it can find switches for all of them and i searched in the forums for switches but still can find them all so i guess autoit is the answer (for me)
  6. oh! yeah that covers me! so i guess -c "message" is for wpi, not for batch files but i dont use it cause i dont know it and cant understant how it works i only use batch and autoit before that i was using addon cabs (but setup was slow cause it took a lot of time to extract them) i have 53 progs to install... and i could not find the switches for all of them but i thing its easier with autoit cause i dont need to search for switches and its faster from cabs and batch files are very simple to make (for me) so i thing i stack with those 2 now i keep the setups in my second HD and only add the batch file to cd to run them and its a lot faster anywayz... thanks a lot for your help guys you were very helfull
  7. nice guide thanks i made it with no probs! btw i think you should remove serial from SERIALNUM_USERVAL inside Nero_0004.jpg
  8. thanks kelsenellenelvian! i was really needed that one EDIT it wasnt working with the -c in the end cmd saw me the usage of shutdown.exe and -c wasnt there so i removed it and it worked what is -c doing?
  9. hmmm yeah winrar sfx is nice for that! i didnt think about that. thanks for the tip! i'll try that one. btw do you know the command for restart?
  10. well... i had a very nice idea today! i'm adding ccleaner to install with all the autoit setups that i have made and in the end i'm autoit running it to auto-remove all the crap! but i want too, to make a cmd that will organize start menu but d**n... its trouble to do that but i'm gona make this cause i like to have my start-programs without folders, but only with the shortcuts of the progs that i use its looks very nike like this and i was thinking maybe... if i copy my start menu/progs to cd and tell auto it to del the files inisde c:/start menu/all users/progs and then copy the ones from cd there will that work? hmmm i can try that on vmware to see if it will work i'll make an iso with the start/program files, load it on vmware's xp and will try to see if it works ...you're saying now... is he freaked out?! d**n i love autoit! since i learned it (before 3 days ) and i have stack with it! and i'm converting all my progs to autoit... i have spend 2 days for that and i have more to make wish me luck thanks for the idea for start menu! i like it! hmmm i just find out that i can add only 4 emoticons in each post : (
  11. ok...i just have discovered where the problem is i just remembered that i installed hydravision when this happened if anyone cares or have the same problem with cdimage or some other prog and have hydravision installed this might help you the problem caused from ati's hydravision (a conflict or something i guess...) and to solve this if you have hydravision installed DONT remove it you just have to exclude this program from hydravison and hydravision will not load on this program and it will be ok so if anyone cares about this and dont know how to do it do this : 1) go to hydravision properties 2) click on the individual application settings button 3) click on the exclusions button 4) click on the add button and browse for your prog and add it there then ok , ok , ok and you'll be ok!
  12. @phatkat98 i thing that setuperr.log is something from nlite (i'm not sure about that) i thing i saw something for setupper log in nlite forum in here if you want post this log file to nlite forum and ask nuhi if he can help you
  13. ok thanks i'll try it in about a week and let you know if it is working
  14. @Weed is your vmware addon only for x64? or is it working on x32 too?
  15. its easier for me to add FileDelete("dir\filename") @ the end of the script but i can use your way for something else! i'll make one batch file to run @ the end of ALL setups and del all the files in %temp% thanks for your suggestion, you just gave me a nice idea!
  16. Thanks a lot Yzöwl! This one worked! I have searching in the google all day yesterday... You saved me! Thank you!!! @mrshark np m8 no need to apologize you just made a little mistake but you reply to me and i thank you for that
  17. that didnt work... thanks anyway for your reply i will continue my searching and if i find how to do it i will post it here (if anyone cares for that)
  18. Thanks a lot mrshark! You are my hero! d**m... i'm searching for that about 5-6 hours...!
  19. My question is in the topic i dont know how to make scripts and i'm making scripts with ScriptWriter can i delete a shortcut from desktop with autoit if the installer doesnt have a choice for that and creates them without asking? d**n i hate that! and if i can how to do it? i was thinking something like DelShortcut("C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Desktop\shortcut name") will that one work? and can you tell me whats the extension of shortcuts? is it .ink? please help me if someone knows it i have searched for that and didnt find nothing
  20. well... i give up it doesnt want to work fully silent like this i'll never make incredimail to work with 7zip silently i'll give it a try with winrar and if it does not work i wiill do it with the easy batch way thanks JoeMSFN & The Black Cloud for your help
  21. anyone? i was thinking maybe i could change the size of the window through reshacker? but i dont know where to go inside the reshacker to do this (if its possible to do this through reshacker) please... can someone help me?
  22. "use current" adds the page you are in the time you have press it as homepage to set the homepage you have to type the address as you did and then click ok on the bottom...
  23. ...ok this one worked i did it with ;!@Install@!UTF-8! RunProgram="incml.exe /s" RunProgram="pskill IncMail.exe" RunProgram="pskill IMApp.exe" ;!@InstallEnd@! and the kills worked the first time the exes try to open but the d**n prog after that insists to open cause it doesnt have acount settings inside it so i have to add them with some reg import or something? how can i do that? can someone tell me if i can do that? maybe if i export the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\IncrediMail in sys32 folder and add it to run through config with RunProgram="inredimail.reg" will that do something ? or i have to do it through batch file? will that stop the fu****g prog from running? please help me... i'm so confused about that i dont know what to do to make it work
  24. thanks for your reply JoeMSFN so you're telling that i have to do it with RunProgram="incml.exe /s" RunProgram="pskill IncMail.exe" RunProgram="pskill IMApp.exe" ? and or do it without pskill in the config.txt and only with runprogram incml and make a batch file for the pskill's right? i'll try both of them and let you know if it work i have googled for this but didnt find anything if i do i'll tell you

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