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  1. I'm creating an unattended installation for personal use and have a problem with getting one of my extensions to work. I hope someone can assist in getting this extension to work. I use an extension called ASpell which requires the installation of the ASpell program. This adds a spellcheck option to the content menu of Firefox. My silent firefox installation works but when I try to use the Aspell option I get a message stating it cannot find the run_aspell.js file. My research shows the files located in a folder created in the C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\erc2yrgp.default\extensions folder called {ae2fe5af-2c80-41cf-bc14-260a88a36e44}. It contains the Run_aspell.js and Run_aspell.sh files. I manually copy the folder to it's proper location and the program works. How can I get SOF to include this folder or is there a way to 'point' my firefox to look in another location for the files? I'm not a programmer and my attempts to understand how Firefox works leads to much frustration. Any Firefox guru's out there can help me modify the Aspell extension to work? This is the only one giving me problems.
  2. ZileXa, how do I use your method of installation. I use the Runonce method along with using nLite Add-on to incorporate my installs in the i386 folder.
  3. With so many people talking about AutoIt scripts I decided to give it a try. I'm not a programmer and only understand enough of unattended installs to create one for myself. The AutoIt way of doing things totally confused me and left me without a means to automate programs without silent installs. My solution was to place the programs on the desktop and run them after an unattended installation. But your guide with the companion software did the trick. Every program I had to manually install (4 of them) are all fully automatic. This has made AutoIt 'doable' for me. I don't need to learn all the other 'stuff' as this is a simple excercise in learning to keep my computer updated and easy to repair. Now I can go back to all my other hobbies. Thanks for the guide and keep up the good work.
  4. Registry Tweaks.

    Wow, I'm glad johnlee2509 is lazy and ScubaSteve is rude. I needed the answers to both of john's questions and Steve provided them without all that search hassle. Thanks guys! The fruits of my labors.... ;----- Autoarrange Desktop and sort by Name-------------------------------------------------------- [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags\1\Desktop] "FFlags"=dword:00000221 "Sort"=dword:00000000 ;----- Set the Power Scheme to Always On ---------------------------------------------------------- [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\PowerCfg] "CurrentPowerPolicy"="0"
  5. Sorry, but your tutorial was as clear as mud to a rookie like myself. While I can navigate the directory structure of an unattended cd, I'm at a loss when understanding what needs to be done with BartPE. I downloaded BartPe from their website and installed it. I have an i386 folder with SP2 and the latest hotfixes slipstreamed. I ran the BartPe program and pointed it to my i386 folder. It created a BartPe folder in my pebuilder folder. In the BartPe folder I have two directorys, i386 and Programs. I assume this is the 'root' of my cd. The tutorial (step 3) stated to take the newly created distro dir and place it in the xp dir. What is the distro dir and where is this xp dir? A little more explanation of the BartPe folders for the unattened xp would be appreciated.
  6. I have an Emachines laptop. I'm one of those without a real Windows CD. I copied the i386 folder and used your programs (verified by Magic Jelly Bean) to get the OEM files and the actual cd key. I slipstreamed SP2 and the latest hotfixes into my unattended install (including the cdkey in the winnt.sif). Installation is without errors but I have to activate. When I install from my ghost images I don't have to activate. My sticker has EMachines on the CDKey sticker so I assuming it's a ROYAL (??) OEM. Am I missing something? Edit: Man, I can't believe I forgot to replace the cdkey taken from the registry into the winnt.sif. I reloaded the system with the correct cdkey and it worked great. Thanks for all the info!!
  7. [Guide] How to Silent Install Firefox

    There may be a difference with the latest Firefox but following these instructions still leaves Firefox at the last page asking to 'Launch Firefox Now'. I've now found Silence of the Foxes and it works great. All my settings, themes, extentions are all there.
  8. SpywareBlaster 3.5.1 silent install

    Late comment but haven't been around lately. Thanks for the silent install that works. Great Job!
  9. ultraVNC

    You can silent install with the /silent switch but if you want to automate the password and other settings then use either AutoIt or InstallRite. Tons of information available on both routes on this forum.
  10. I tried the tweak to turn off the security center but it's still there. I have RyanVM's update pack's integrated into my SP2 XP. I've copied/pasted the code provided but to no avail. All my other reg tweaks are working great. Did MS do something to prevent the Security Center service from being disabled?
  11. Open Office "2.0 beta" 1.9.109

    Darn, just what I was looking for and the link says "The Link you clicked is unavailable". Any chance of a fix?
  12. SpywareBlaster 3.3

    Just a tad off topic. The guy want's to know how to silently install Spyware Blaster v3.3 and you hype a different program that has nothing to do with Spyware Blaster... I used Installrite to create a silent install package for Spyware Blaster v3.3. It's a simple program to use and works great on those stubborn installs.
  13. I use Installrite for programs in my unattended installations for programs I can't make silent installs. It does help to create the install package using vmware and a fresh installation of windows. This keeps the entries down to a mininum. I've had great success with this method. The 'snapshop' is simply the result of reading the registry before and after the installation. The result is then loaded in the registry when you install the program. This method works for almost all programs. I think most people don't use Installrite because they like to master problems by digging into the inner workings of programs and figuring solutions. Installrite makes things too easy.
  14. Well, I thought that did the trick.... It works fine in VMWare but doesn't on an install on my computer. I have all the required files and have made all the modifications but the problem persists. I can boot from the cd and setup will continue normally until the first reboot. The computer will start over instead of continuing the install. In root I have the following files: vol1.dat (modified to look in the BOOT folder) WIN51 WIN51IC WIN51IC.SP2 WIN51IP WIN51IP.SP2 XPBOOT.BIN (modified to look in the BOOT folder) I have the BOOT, I386 and $OEM$ folders and with VMWare all works great. It's only when I get to an actual computer does the problem occur. Can anyone help in the this problem?
  15. Thanks bucketbuster, that did the trick. Don't know how I missed that.