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  1. Total Beginner, Having Problems

    I dont see a point of trying o set the resolution in winnt.sif...schedule the svga drivers installation silently...find some cmdline resolution change tool..put it into a batch file an let it chage the resolution. Regarding the regionals..I think it should be> [RegionalSettings] LanguageGroup=1 InputLocale=1009:00001009
  2. Automating User input

    or you can use VBS scripting Scripts on MS Technet
  3. Yes, exactly. You can specify it in winnt.sif if you do your CD/DVD manually..but if you use some programs, they fill it for you.
  4. You could create a multiboot DVD.. But if you just want to support all devices at once, simply add all the needed drivers into your dvd and windows will only use those, that are needed in every pc and they won't interfere at all.
  5. XP behaves the same way and W2K probably too. The system autologs (spontaneously = even if its not ON explicitely in registry) into the Built-in Administrator ONLY when there isnt any other account specified in the system. It wont autologon (spontaneously) into second in spite of that it has administrative privileges and a blank password since there already is an account called Administrator (built in) and that means two of them in the system.
  6. Since the consequence (the result) of splisptremaing an XP CD to SP2 state is the same, as using plain SP2ed CD..you can use whichever suits you best. And for the whole unattended CD, the best is to use a complex solution.
  7. Eee ...I don't know about the VBS , but I do know about the "SysRestorePoint.exe" that is on Doug Knox's Website. Download it here and simply add this to your batch file>> call "%PATHTOTHESRPUTILITY%\SysRestorePoint.exe" A can't think of reason why this shouldn't work
  8. Link Signature

    Hi. I was trying to find it in help, using search, using google, but with no luck. In my signature, I would like to have a picture that links to a website. How can I set it up? Thank you
  9. Unattended solutions

    Maybe you could take a look at some of the other utilities available here and there. Here I compiled a list of them with links to downloads..maybe it will be helpful for other novice people to handle unattended installations and things that relate to it Security patches related: HFSLIP download This software can slisptream your hotfixes right into the instalation CD. Windows Updates Downloader download This utility will download the updates on windows update to your local folder. Various utilities: XPreview download This allows you to view modified DLLs and system files. CompressionBin download This utility allows you to compress a file exactly the same way the installation files in XP CD are compressed. Program installers: WIHU download This progie can installs programs and create users...it website however says that its development is stopped..but the download is available, so you can try. Xplode download Xplode is another installation shell available here intended mainly for programs...at least I used it that way a year ago. It has a nice GUI and is able tu run in t-13...only the syntax for xml that says waht to install was hard to maintain. There was a third program that has a WEB UI but i really cannot remember..maybe someone could post it (It was using a waird typ of http file) Install Unattended Enteprise download This is able to create a separate package that can be roled out whereher you want. I like the record possibility..it can record as you install.That way, u dont have to write scripts like in auto IT. AutoIT download A scripting program. Very helpfull for installation of programs that have some nonstandard installation or is not possible to install them silently in an easy way. It the de facto standard for this...and you can find many ready-to-use scrits all around. More complex solutions: XPCREATE download A grand daddy of unattended...i honestly don't know if it is still used nowadays..but it could handle SATA drivers integration so it was a respected solution in earlier years. Balder Multiboot download This is a program that can create a multiboot DVD that means you can have a DVD that contains more Operating systems on one DVD media which is handy for administrators..it can also integrate SATA drivers, hotfixes and programs but not much comfort is there. Its main strenght is in multiboot capability which is exceptional. Setup Studio download This is my favourite..i switched to this from nlite since it has some nice features I lacked in nlite - comfortable programs support, switches database, automatic windows update integrated, cool instalation GUI that runs after basic XP setup, driverpacks, data backup etc...this could maybe satisfy you the most. ******************* There are even more complex systems such as RIS etc..but these are intended for the enteprise so I believe for novices it would be a waste of time.. ****************** If somebody has an addition to this list...I will add it immediatelly.
  10. I can add that those two sets of folders are not copied in the same time..The $$ and $1 are be copied in text mode as far as I know....but the @Docs and $progs is copied somewhere between T-13 and T-6 in GUI install...maybe that helps narrow the issue.
  11. Resolution Problem

    I have also experienced problem like you..I then realized that the problem was in refresh rate...it was too high..75Hz...now ,when set to 60, it accepts the given resolution and sets the refresh rate to 60 hz..which is ok for LCD panels. Aah..I almost forgot to say that i install it unattended, as an application...I use the original exe...i am not extracting the inf...one never knows if there arent some additional tasks performed by that installation, which would be ommited if installed manually as inf.
  12. New in making Unattend Windows

    You can also skip weeks of endless research and try Setup Studio. It's funny the community doesn't know about this program yet. I think it solves all the issues you mention above.
  13. I am looking for a reg, that would turn on and off the "show in groups" when drive icons (my computer root) are visible in window open. You getthere by selecting opening my computer / and in menu - View/arrange icons by/show in groups Also I am unable to fing how to change the folder and files araangements by reg. Arranged by Name, Time etc.. Can you help? Do you have one?
  14. Identifying SP in Windows build

    No, because I do not look for an application that can do it, I look for a method, how that application does it. Why don't you read the whole thread before posting? However, Takeshi's hint may be helpful. Thanks goes to him.
  15. Identifying SP in Windows build

    C'mon. Isn't there anybody to help?