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  1. There is an article on slashdot right now titled "Installing Windows with Recent Updates?" There are lots of ideas mentioned and it is obviously right up our alley. You can find the article here: http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=175501...ort=0&op=Change And I plugged HFSLIP here: http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=175501&cid=14591997
  2. Can we get a summary of what is actually reduced by using these files? Does reduced = removing features?
  3. tain

    Graphic Adapters

    I second tommyp's request. A single post with all of the files and instructions would be awesome.
  4. There are modules that will give you back desktop functionality...many themes have this feature. For my part, I always liked having a clean desktop anyway so I don't put ANYTHING on my desktop other than a background.
  5. tain

    Security updates

    http://www.nsa.gov/snac/downloads_win2000....uID=scg10.3.1.1They have .INFs and all kinds of good info. Any chance of incorpating some/all of this with HFSLIP or FDV's fileset? Is a poll appropriate for nominating new "features" like this? We'll see how it goes
  6. tain

    New IE Removal Fileset

    I would like to run w/o COM but won't be able to test it for a couple of days. Also, I had two logos created when photoshop crashed and killed my spirit. I'll try again in a couple of days when I get some free time.
  7. @saugatak: How about removing the actual files along with the shortcuts?
  8. tain

    New logo to use

    Some source material: http://www.funkypancake.com/blog/archives/...s_slippery.html
  9. Unless of course you are Ubercool like me and use an alternative shell http://beyondconvention.net/ohussain/lsinstaller/
  10. http://windowsupdate.62nds.com/whyuse.php
  11. My FDV/NoIE installs and runs great as long as I stay away from ntdetect and ntldr If I drop those file into FIX and then HFSLIP/ISO/VMWARE as usual, I get the attached BSOD about an inaccessible_boot_device. If those files are NOT in FIX and I HFSLIP/ISO/VMWARE as usual, everything runs fine.
  12. tain

    HFSLIP your codecs

    Thanks for the post! Slipstreaming codecs and drivers is fun stuff Please change HFSLSIPCD.INF to HFSLIPCD.INF: This page http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t48298.html has some info for adding Real and Quicktime... Why do you use the MEGA pack? It looks like the files you use are all present in the standard pack. The differences between the two packs are found here: http://www.msfn.org/board/lofiversion/index.php/t48298.html
  13. @TommyP: The trusted resource for Win2K services info was BlackViper but his site appears to have disappeared. I found a cache of it here: http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.blackviper.com/ Very useful info. Here is what I have running: I should probably trim this down a bit...
  14. tain

    Windows Components

    Looks like my question needs more clarification...sorry! I am able to control which components are installed with the OS, but I am concerned about *later* after the OS is installed. What if I need to install one of those components later on? Say that I decide to install a new networking component like DUN after my win2K box is already running...is there a way to access the add/remove components dialog without IE being installed? If not, how would I go about installing those components without the interface (on a running system)? I don't actually need to do this right now, I am just trying proactively solve this problem for later.
  15. What about this method: http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=255771 Doesn't that accomplish the same thing, but easier?
  16. tain

    Windows Components

    @FDV: I asked you about this before the old thread was killed but I don't think I got my question across clearly. So here it goes again How can I add/remove windows *components* after removing IE? I am referring to the dialog box that is normally accessed by launching add/remove programs and then clicking on the "add/remove windows componenets" link over on the left hand side. This allows you to add/remove comonents such as dial-up networking, accessibility, games, screensavers, etc. I am using MyUninstaller, but it doesn't give you access to add/remove windows *components*...I can't find any software to replace this functionality. The dialogs I am talking about are illustrated here: http://www.ph.utexas.edu/~help/i/print/win.2.400x261.jpg and here (ignore the red circle): http://www.ph.utexas.edu/~help/i/print/win.3.350x273.jpg Does anyone know of a way to reproduce these functions without having IE installed?
  17. tain


    I want Win2k to install drivers during the installation routine and have narrowed the field down to two different ways of doing so: The AutoIT method: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=51406 And Pyron's method: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=12566 Have you guys tried either of these? Which one do you recommend? Or is there a better way with HFSLIP?
  18. tain

    Standalone Outlook 6

    I use FDV's "No IE" HFSLIP method and Thunderbird works great for me. No issues at all.
  19. @FDV: Can you please explain why these files are in FIX?: The files in your FIX folder - CLVSD.ax CLVSD.AX_ mplayer2.in_ NTDETECT.COM NTLDR WINNT.SIF ...and shouldn't the .ax files be in the expert codecs folder?
  20. @fdv: I am using MyUninstaller, but it doesn't give you access to add/remove windows *components*...I can't find any software to replace this functionality. To fix the paritioning issue (to add the option to parition manually) I changed this in winnt.sif: [Data] AutoPartition=0 [Unattended] ExtendOemPartition=1 FileSystem=* Repartition=No If I get CdBurnerXP working, would you like me to send you the instructions? It is free software and works quite well. That other guide I was using for driver integration is *crap*. I found a better version of that method here: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=12566 The .INFs in my HFEXPERT folder are codec installer .INFs...your STEP 15 said to put them in there...am I misinterpreting your instructions? @TommyP: It turns out that I somehow had bad copies of XCOPY and EXPAND. Replaced them both with stock files and the process is going MUCH better now Removed those codecs as well. I am using a stripped-down codec pack that I think I found in one of these MSFN forums (it is called coddecs1.7.rar) but the readme doesn't have any contact information in it. Anyway, it had some WMV codecs as well and I didn't think to deconflict that. Thanks for catching it!
  21. @TommpP: I am having some problems so I opened up a DOS box and ran: I attached the output file (HFSLIP_50928_output_trimmed.txt) to this post (with lot of the xx% progress indications trimmed out) along with a file (HFSLIP_50928_errors.txt) that contains some of the errors I saw. These errors scrolled by on the DOS box but did not get output to the file. I was not able to capture them all before they scrolled by but hopefully it helps. The error_report is also included. The attached output was run on source with some mods applied but I had very similar results with no mods (drivers, codecs, etc). Any thoughts?
  22. @FDV: Your website says: ...what was the bug? What files changed? Do you keep a log of your updates?Your instructions say to use D:/ but it doesn't seem to matter what drive is used. Could you add a note to your site that says whether or not D:\ is required?
  23. @FDV: I am using your suggestion to follow the instructions at http://unattended.msfn.org/intermediate/drivers/cd.htm to add drivers to my disc. I made a couple of adjustments to match the FDV/HFSLIP method: Next copy the presetup.cmd and SETUP.EX_ file that you downloaded into the I386 directory in your Windows Setup Source. I copied these files to FDVFILES instead Now open TXTSETUP.SIF in Notepad, and seach for setup.exe = 100,,,,,,,2,0,0,,1,2 I used your TXTSETUP.SIF in FDVFILES and found that line, but it wasn't the same. Your file reads: setup.exe = 1,,,,,,,2,0,0 so I changed it to: setup.exe = 100,,,,,,,2,0,0,,1,2 I will install from this disc soon. Just wanted to contribute a bit...I'll let you know how it works out.

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