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  1. help me out guys ? in playing game

    it used to happen to me when i was playing city of heroes, the reason was that my video card got to hot so the computer was shuting down and that aggrevated me alot, don't know if thats the case for you, maybe check if the card is hot when it happens again
  2. need a sig plz

    thats awesome i like it alot and i'll be hanging around for sure and try my best to help out Thank You very much
  3. Rate my NEW WolfX2 Sig!

    IMO i like the last one better, i really liked the water effect that u had
  4. New Sig - Bi0haZarD

    love the design and it kinda looks like a person but i don't think it looks like buu hehe, dragonballz rocks
  5. My sig

    its awesome i love the rain effect looks really good
  6. My new Avatar

    yeah i think the first one looks better cause it hurts my eyes trying to read the second one
  7. Kenshin Signature

    looks good, the eye is cool with the name kenshin right under it
  8. Rate my NEW WolfX2 Sig!

    very nice i love the way wolfx2 looks with the reflection like its from water or something
  9. [release] Anime Cloud

    hehe very nice, when i saw this it brought me back fond memories of mario world from playing when i was a kid
  10. My ipod creation

    i like your work they look good, for the mp3 player i found that the menu, play, pause, ect was too light, i really love the sharingun or whatever its spelled eyes from sasuke looks awesome
  11. Some Of My Graphical Work

    very cool designs, i love the backgrounds with the characters that blends in and i love thenames in the corners, i love the 3rd one best
  12. My naruto addict userbar

    nice for the first time, i love naruto, it rocks, i love the way you focused on his eyes it pretty cool
  13. Logo Request

    i have been browsing a lil and i've seen your work (wolfx2) and i have to say that you have some skills
  14. Rate my sig

    like everyone said its a bit dark and if the guy could be just a tad lighter, and the white wavy things looks like sperm to me lmao i would give it a 7/10 good work
  15. need a sig plz

    thats cool i'll give it a shot