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  1. Install old skype in Windows 10?

    Okay, so I found this post where there is the download link to the latest Skype for Windows 10.
  2. Until now I used to use this installer, which downloaded the latest installer: http://repacks.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=37 However it stopped working and now Im stuck with this mediocre skype for windows 10. The official download page redirects me to the store and I dont have a W7 computer to download the installer and I fear that its possible that the installer downloader redirects me to the store. In short, do you know if its possible to install the old skype in windows 10? The one that isnt from the store. Thanks you
  3. Disable services list/program?

    Thats interesting. For blocking in the HOSTS file I use the program named Destroy Windows Antispyware which adds a some domains to it. You said you have your own lists with a ton of blocked things but... How do you do this? I mean, you dont add them manually, right? It has to be some sort of automation. About the services, my original question, I ended up going to Black Viper's web, which I thought it was offline but for some reason my DNS servers couldnt access it so I used google's temporally. Since there is no program I ended up making a couple of regs copying his lists in excel and some work. The only problem is that you cant just import them in regedit since it needs some special permissions.
  4. For win7 existed the web of Black Viper which had an useful list of services that could be disabled. Even one guy made this awesome program that applied those configurations. Is there any list (with its reg file) or software that has predetermined list to disable services for windows 10? Thanks you
  5. Alternative to driver genius?

    I find that driver genius has a very simple and clear UI and I really like this thing in programs. Also it has a clean feature for old drivers. I tried slim drivers, driver booster, driver talent, driver pack and something else I cant remember. Slim drivers has too much advertising and its ui is confusing, not user friendly and, idk, not very professional for me. I think that the product is at the same level of the ui, as an overall thought. Driver talent doesnt let you install drivers if you dont buy it, rendering it pretty much useless, and making in portable is a pain too since it installs services even if you only start the main .exe. Driver pack is full of s***. Its so d*** automatic that it doesnt let you choose and install winrar, opera, etc and when its finished then it lets you "choose". Until now driver booster seems the way to go. The free version lets you to autoinstall the drivers and update them but it seems that the download speed is capped. I am actually willing to pay for a program, the problem is that these ones have lcenses which limit the usage on a number of pcs and that goes against my needs which is to plug an usb, install/update drivers, unplug usb. Also a portable version would be wonderful. I know i can make it portable by copying the program files but if the dev could ensure that its a portable version and that it will work, that would be perfect.
  6. PC Cleaner

  7. Hi, Im looking for a free alternative to driver genius. Something that I can keep in my usb, plug it, search for drivers, install and unplug. I have tried several ones but none of them convince me. Could you help me? Thanks
  8. Hi, As far as I know it was easily possible in office 2013, just unziping the updates and placing them in the updates folder in the installation folder. However it seems that in 2016 it doesnt work that way. Is possible to slipstream the updates in office 2016? I downloaded them with WHDownloader. I also use Office 2013-2016 C2R install and I have noticed that I can download an updated installation. If I use that instalation, I suppose then that it include the latest updates? For example, I downloaded the version 16.0.6366.2068, will it include the updates that were released yesterday? Thanks
  9. Difference between home and core?

    I think that you are mixing the windows 10 core version with the single language version. Both are different versions.
  10. Software for backup folders

    thanks both for your answers. it wasnt the answer i was expecting but i suppose that if there isnt anything better i will use this. about making rar archives, i dont want to use this method, i dont find it useful for me to have different versions of the same file. i just want to have a copy of these folders in another place to not losing them in case of HDD/SSD death. the batch of jumper seems more adequate for my needs. however i would like that it also removed the files that I removed in the original folder too, to not have a huge mess of duplicate files because of name changes or directly files that i dont want.
  11. Hi, This is ntlited version of windows 7 x64 home premium with all WHD updates, but i only remember having deleted unneded things, however i could have messed up. The problem is that i cant create any kind of virtual drives. By "any kind" i mean that i have tried daemon tools, alcohol 52, alcohol 120, and a couple more that i dont remember their names. All of them seemes to "think" that they created the virtual drives, but in the end they didnt appear in the computer or in their own "window" (the program). Can you help me, please? Thanks you
  12. Hi, Im searching for a program to backup folders and I come here to ask you, since the ones I tried werent very friendly. I have a SSD (windows partition and data partition) and a HDD (data partition) and I want to backup this: - my personal folder in SSD to a folder in the HDD (important data) - my drivers folder in SSD to a backup in the HDD - windows documents folder in SSD to a backup in HDD (this is to stop losing savegames...) The requisites of the program are that it doenst create any file in those folders to "remember" them (ANNOYING) and that it is self contained in its own folder, without needing the registry or some weird files in appdata or users or whatever other folder. Thanks you
  13. Windows 11?

    sorry, had to do it. my job here is done.
  14. Difference between home and core?

    Thanks Tripredacus, that clarified it! Edit: i opened now a win 10 home with ntlite and it says home and core at same time, so this is the proof. I asked before downloading because in win8 wasnt this way, home and core were "different", at least they were labeled differently.
  15. Hi, I have seen that there is a core version, not the "IoT core", that seems to come with the professional version, just like in windows 8. However I dont find the differences between this and the home edition. Usually there is a comparison between home, pro, enterprise, etc, but core is never there. It seems that its not the same as the home version, since nt lite detects each other being different. So, which is the difference? I want to start with the lightest system to remove components and make a fast computer, but I also dont want to lose functionality for the things I need, which arent very special, the normal ones, internet, games, office, maybe some specific program like matlab, autocad, etc. Thanks