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  1. Hello i have now looked all over the net ! and i can not find this guide i have tried it before! but now its gone ! someone there can help me finding the link to this ? best regards FFA
  2. hey all.... are there someone there have some links about buying windows vista online via a american internet site ? because here in denmark its very expencesive the prices do not match with the prices there are in MS Vistas homepage!!! are there someone there have some links i can use to take a look and maybe make a ordre ?
  3. links dosent work? can you fix them ?
  4. i have made a intergrate disc but it is to friends and my self ! so i just need the sillent install key which is be /Q but another key so is not reboot when it have installed that hotfix!
  5. hehe it is in the WPI! not in the bat file ! hehe
  6. i have made a hotfix disc but some Hotfixes reboot! are there a command to sillent install and NO reboot! ? please help someone
  7. Danish Language Finish! here you go there is new language for the Really nice WPI Program Attached File(s) Lang.js
  8. okey i'll do that cheers mate! i have added my danish language http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...92entry340392
  9. hey i have just downloadet that program here ! from the web site! but i will have danish Language!!! i have looked in the Lang.js file and looked around in it... in the bottom of the page there are a template i try to fill it out but i can not choose the danish language in options! some one there can help me with that ?
  10. hey all.... i got a quastion about the Winnt.sif file in the winnt.sif file i can write commands so i can disable some things so they won't be installed on my computer when i reinstall! [Components] msnexplr = Off msmsgs=off OEAccess=off are there some one there have more then these 3 i have ? Peace Out FFA
  11. okey i have tryed to turn off HT from my own computer... but still the same... but okey it is normal.. thx mate
  12. **** are there nobody there know about this problem?
  13. i have testet in my computer it is a 2800 mhz HT prescott Processor 1024 GB ram and after i have read all that stuff before i can format like windows 2000 and XP so i can chose Partion... it reboots.... but on my pentium 2 233 mhz 256 mb ram there it comes with that error here: 1 System Processor [256 mb memory] multiprocessor Kernel but after 20 seconds i can Continue with the installation of Windows NT.. is that normal?
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