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  1. Hi guys, I have Pentium D 805 CPU i have 2 HDDS - IDE - 40 GB - 4 Partitions - C, D, E, F SATA - 80 GB - 2 Partitions - I, J My IDE Drive's C: partition is the Active one. C - Windows XP SP3 D, E, F - Data I - data J - Windows Vista SP1 Now, i have windows WIM image of Win2003 SP2 which works fine in Virtual Box i booted the pc with PE2 disc and applied the Win2003SP2 wim to I:\ drive and added the entries of windows 2003 parition in boot.ini of C drive... and also replaced the ntdetect.com and ntldr from xp ones to win2003sp2 ones now when i boot xp boots fine, but when i select win 2003 option after 2-3 seconds it restarts. What may be the problem? Help guys.
  2. @zorphnog Created Sysprep answer file in setupmgr, copied the sysprep tools in c\sysprep with sysprep answer file. and run the sysprep reseal and restarted, captured the image in Win pe2. Didnt added any device drivers. Didnt used bootsect.exe before before appyying thw WIM. @IcemanND Thanks for the info i will check that up. Do u have any good link in mind.
  3. In my case windows xp booting logo doesnt appear and it remained black. Is this with you also ?
  4. Iceman is there any (Working) way to create the XP Wim in VM and use it for Real Machines. As my attempt to create an image in VirtualBox was successful but it after deploying it failed in real machines and Microsft's Virtual Server.
  5. Let me make it very clear. I had tried 2 make a working WIM twice. 1. Installed Virtual Box in Pentium D 805 based PC, Created VM, Installed XP PRO SP2 with Autopatcher and apps. Sysprepped and Restarted with Win PE 2 disk and created Wim image of it. I used this Image in two Scenarios- a. I used this image in Virtual Server 2005 R2 (Same machine) and applied it to dynamically expanding VDD and had shown BSOD and immediately restarted. b. Booted a fresh Dual Core Machine with it and applied the image. It showed BSOD and immediately restarted so dont know the error details. 2. Installed XP PRo sp2 in Compaq C702TU Celeron D Laptop (Disabled the SATA as the lappy didnt had Floppy Drive) and autopatcher etc. Sysprepped it and restarted and booted it with PE2 and created WIM. I tested this WIM in Virtual Server 2005 R2 and this time it shown Black screen after booting. (I formatted the VDD via Acronis Disk Director) Where am i Wrong?
  6. In by case it didnt worked. Followed ur guide to create an image inside VM. And applied it to the Fresh Pc it shows up BSOD? Where am i wrong. Tried partitioning both with Diskpart and Acronis Disk Director. PS: Does WinPE disk contains Bootsect.exe by default or i have to add it?
  7. And @ Mr Anderson I also did what u did + i sysprepped it and created the WIM but after applying it it agains shows up BSOD so sysprep doesnt fit in this bcos it crashes while WinXP boots up and Sysprep works after successful boting up.
  8. I had installed WAIK and followed the procedures desribed by MS to create WinPE2 disk ISO and burned it. My question is whether it contains bootsect.exe file ? or do i have to manually add it in the image?
  9. Yeah seems that WIN PE2 has some problems applying Xp WIM. I had tried twice to make the image and apply it on both fresh PC and VPC & Virtual Server both times it successfully applied the image. But after booting it either showed BSOD or Hanged. But the WIM image works in VirtualBox Virtual Machines.
  10. Hi, Seems like my problem is same as yours. You mean u Captured XP via Imagex and applied it on the testcomputer Right. I did the same thing and got the same s*** black screen. here is my post- http://www.msfn.org/board/WinXP_WIM_Image_...E2_t106397.html
  11. Hi guys, I have faced a new problem. I installed XP Pro SP2 in my lappy applied Autopatcher, Softwares etc. I just wanted to keep its image so i Sysprepped it and Restarted and Captured image through Imagex. I wanted to make sure the image works so i tested it in Virtual Server 2005 R2 SP1. I booted the VM through Win PE2 and applied the WIM image. When i Restarted it just Hanged showing nothing. Whats the problem???? I didnt used the Diskpart of WinPE2 to format the VM HDD i used Acronis Disk Director to Partition and format. I was also unsuccessful last time when i Installed WinXP in VirtualBox (Virtualization app) and applied all the apps as above and captured the image inside the VM. When i applied it to fresh new Pc it showed BSOD. It only worked in VirtualBox VM. Whats the Problem? Help
  12. and Vista Sucks too. Xp is a necessity Vista is unnecessary Luxury...
  13. Thanks a lot buddy. 44 Peoples have seen this post and you r the one who replied. Thanks again.
  14. Hi, I i have created an image of Windows XP for Deployment by booting through Winpe2 and used imagex. The image is on my d drive. Now i want to transfer this image to other computer on LAN. We are working in a workgroup so no DHCP, DNS and Domains. Now the computer to which i want to connect to has ip of how can i connect to this computer by using net use? It displays error that cannot find something something. Help

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