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  1. thxs alot for this... But i'm also wondering if you can remake this http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...mp;#entry584013 mce bootscreen? I just want it to be a standalone type of thing that i can just replace in my system32 folder.. So i don't have to worry about running other programs for a bootscreen..
  2. Here's a nice little trick that i've picked up tonight... First open the command prompt with the admin rights.. Just by right clicking on command prompt in the start menu and click on "run as admin" and type this in: rundll32 slc.dll, SLRearmwindows Then hit enter and reboot... What this does is reset the activation time for windows vista.. It's great if you only got like 1 left or your on ur last day of running windows vista before it has to be activated.. Have fun
  3. Sn4k36

    IE 7.0 Problem

    like Jeremy said don't use IE7... There is also reports of IE7 deleting data from your harddrive... but i know that microsoft is trying to fix that problem as we speak... So yeah use a different browser instead..
  4. u can install KDE on windows... but u need to compile it using QT# and tweak some files...
  5. I'm just shocked that microsoft has come after you nuhi about this program.. To try and help make it one of there own.. So they don't have to release all of the info on "Windows Vista OS image creation and deployment guide".. Since you do a much better job then they could any day, any time... Keep up the kick a** work...
  6. I haven't tested this out yet.. But i will soon and i just got one thing to say right now about it... I really love the GUI layout of vlite, it's just so much better looking then nlite.. Nice work nuhi..
  7. it would be nice if someone just uploaded the thing to someone were on the net and post a download link for it here... if been searching around on google for a nice download link for it, and guess what i found? nothing lol
  8. i guess we need alot more request before someone re-ups them...
  9. Could i also say that office 2007 RTM got leaked today....
  10. how do we know this post isn't fake? lol
  11. I'm pretty sure it's the .net framework 1.1 and the sp1 for the .net framework 1.1,
  12. I'm just wondering if you could re-release the windows xp mce bootscreen...
  13. i used gas.. An had all 4 of my wisdom teeth pulled out.. I couldn't feel a damm thing Since i was knocked out that bad.. Of course when i got home all i did was sleep for the rest of the day and night because of it...
  14. Just got to \WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework and it'll show u what versions u got..
  15. i don't beleive this one little bit... because u would think that a data recovery tool would help find this file...
  16. This isn't really a how to quide at all... It just loads all of the stuff up into nlite for yeah... and u just make the iso from there... So this is a waste of time.
  17. here's one way to go about make ur own service pack... http://www.computerbob.com/guests/how_to_c...ervice_pack.php
  18. that isn't true at all.. Because i've done this a few weeks.
  19. the only big difference i've noticed between the two is that most of ur home dvd players won't DVD-R's... but pretty much all of them will play ur DVD+R's...
  20. will microsoft is getting ready to release a public version of windows vista.. So i don't see why not.. And since the link you have found is from the microsoft site itself.
  21. I sold a copy of windows xp home So yeah go for it and sell ur copy of win98 if u want...
  22. I'm using Eastlink 10Mbps connection
  23. My nickname comes from the type of person i am.. Which can be really nice or i can turn in moments noticed. I just toss the 6 on the end because i normally use Sn4k3 but i couldn't remember my password or the email that i registerd it with..
  24. Will for the hacked part of it.. It's not true because i'm using a hacked version LegitCheckControl.DLL that allows me to use windows update and i can d/l anything from the microsoft site..
  25. Should also add a router to the guide.. Since nothing can out do a hardware firewall for protection.

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