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  1. Thanks I've been looking for something like this or the update packs like several people made for XP. Joe
  2. Try this http://www.askvg.com/how-to-get-the-good-o...k-in-windows-7/ Joe
  3. Vmware is faster. The main advantage of XP mode is that it includes the XP software. It seemed really slow to me I dumped it pretty fast and stuck with my VMware that I already have. I also think it will only run on the Pro and Ultimate editions. Joe
  4. I wasn't impressed with it. Sometimes you need XP to run older software especially on 64 bit. Joe
  5. Sorry wrong thread I don't see delete here I've had some success with music cd's trying these things. First try coping the disk at the slowest speed. Do a search on repairing cd's .I've polished out scratches and got the music cd's to play and recopy them. I use some really fine type of jewler's paste polish and a q tip it may take several tries to get it. You also need to wash the disk with soap and water to get the film off. I have seen some cd repair kits in the cd section of stores but have never tried them. Joe
  6. Well If you are talking about the virtual PC just create a new one. If you don't want the old one anymore just delete it. Did you try the VMware forum http://communities.vmware.com/index.jspa Joe
  7. Looks pretty good I wish I'd had it yesterday fumbling my way through! Joe
  8. Go into the actual program file. Sometimes I have found installers there that don't show up. Joe
  9. Pierre Unless you have a full Retail Copy of XP you'll have to buy another. The preinstalled XP and Vista installed by most makers is not transferable. Joe
  10. Did you run your cleaning program before the first problem? It sounds like the second fault was caused by your cleaning program removing needed files. Joe
  11. I've found a clean install and then loading software does fragment the drive a lot. Defrag is a simple quick step to take before looking deeper. I defrag at least once a week. If I've done complex stuff like video or photo editing I run after I finish. Joe
  12. Did it crash while downloading sp2 or during the install process? It should be simple thing. Try downloading and saving this file http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;displaylang=en then burning it to cd. I use this with my Dell XP disc that is befoe SP1 when I slipstream it. Ignore their note saying not to download for 1 computer! Joe
  13. I tried it twice and went back to 6.0 Joe
  14. Joe K

    XP Nlite problem

    That's why they recommend testing on a virtual machine first. MS has a free one. Joe
  15. Did you simply add SP2 to an existing install? Is this a new slipstreamed install with lots of addons? If It's been slipstreamed always a good idea to test on virtual machine first. If this is slipstreamed did you remove things with NLite or manually? Joe

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