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  1. autorun.vbs

    honestly i don't have any bad surfing habit. It happen after my pervert friend use my laptop while i was sleeping to surf that kind of website Now no more viruses but i still can't open my hard disk using double click. I have to type in the address to open it. Can anyone help me to fix this problem i have facing?
  2. Open A Direct Link

    apparently i do ask them but they don't want to share about it what is this tunnel proxy anyway? how to use it to open i direct link?? please teach
  3. autorun.vbs

    I wanted to ask about this autorun.vbs thing Last week i run my anti virus program and 420 viruses were found and it automatically heal/delete the virus. The virus that are in my computer are located in the system file and the name is Trojan....( i don't know the exact name) The anti virus program happen also deleted my autorun.vbs file and i can't open my hard disk and other removable disk. I have to use right click>search then can find my files. How can i retrieve my autorun.vbs files and is there any other way to repair my hard disk files?? please help!
  4. Open A Direct Link

    why can't some of the people in the hostel can do it why cannot?
  5. Currently I am staying in a hostel, the internet i use can't do futher downloads from the internet I am facing a problem which i cannot download songs using lime wire and i can't download bit torrents plus i can't play online games If not mistaken the admin have close the gateway or something at the server. It causes me can't download songs and play onlien games. Can anyone help me how to open the gateway or a direct link to the internet without through the server of my hostel? How am i supose to open i direct link? Can anyone tell me the steps how to open to the direct link
  6. What Code? Problem?

    i scan my computer everyday but is still the same no adware or spyware I want to ask the registry if edit that one is what value? mine no value. why?
  7. What Code? Problem?

    I have been facing one problem on my hard disk and pendrive and evern my CD and DVD This is the picture that i print screened and show you all about the problem that i am facing what is that actually can anyone tell me why there is is such thing??
  8. Thumb Drive

    thanks this question came up when a thumb drive seller wanted to change my friends thumb drive which is under warranty n it spoil. Then i am juz curious wanted to know Conclusion: Cell Phone won't effect thumb drive
  9. Hi everyone I have one stupid question wanted to ask I have rumours from my friends that thumb drive can't be put together with cellphone,they said that the cellphone wave may cause the thumb drive to function improperly,is that true? If it is true, can anyone tell me what how the wave effect the thumbdrive?
  10. Quad Core Processor

    thanks for the info.... if anyone have more pleas post it i need to know more
  11. Default Gateway

    ya,can sign in adi,in my laptop time and date i duno which fella change my laptop,my be is my fren who has using it last time. thanks guys
  12. Default Gateway

    i have tried cleaning my cookies cache,all histories and also close the firewall,still can't sign in.... why?? help!!!
  13. Default Gateway

    it works with the DHCP(automatic IP) when i moved in,my msn can sign in but after few weeks i duno what happen and cant sign in later on i can browse the internet,nut cant sign in to msn.. need help!
  14. Mother-in-law

    LMAO! nice one!
  15. Quad Core Processor

    is there any website or example that can show me?? thanks