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  1. No, this can be really bug. How to reproduce it? Which messenger should i run? How to make tray icons rapidly updating? I'm running version 7.0.0816 (yes, older but faster Delay appears as soon as you log in (i.e. the "not signed in" icon" remains there for the first minute you are online) Is it constant? I can't reproduce it. 99 of 100 times this dialog opening everything is ok. Seems to be constant here.
  2. No, your res is Ok! I meant the monitor image in 'System Properties'.
  3. I noticed some delay in my messenger tray icons updating. I don't remember this happening with older versions of RP. Could it be the explorer.exe.32bitimgl file? BTW, there's a bug in places bar as Targaff noticed.
  4. Lookin' nice. Just some ideas: 1) Drop that color scheme. It's too bright and 3d objects such as buttons don't look good. 2) Either those images in 'Taskbar Properties' need to be cropped or the dialog itself needs to be resized. 3) Use the correct icons for start menu (the smaller ones with no shadow) 4) Please do something about that big monitor with black borders.
  5. All you need is a video card with support for 32-bit color depth.
  6. Damian, your toolbar buttons look distorted. Why is that? Thanks for the update, Tihiy. I'll test the patch right away.
  7. Any chance of a manual-replacement version?
  8. I've said this for almost every pack released: Icons in start menu are wrong! They are too big. You have to use the smaller ones from xp's shell32. Take a closer look and you will find them.
  9. Then I guess all applets -including display properties- could be forced to display 32-bit icons by using system32/rundll32.exe.32bitimgl. Is that correct?
  10. If you mean those icons under the General tab, they can be changed with reshacker. If you mean the "View" tab (there is a list showing some ugly folder icons at the bottom) then i don't know. Regarding display properties: every single inch of that applet is fugly as hell.
  11. If by "entire" you mean the titlebar gradients, then the answer is no. (Actually there was a little app to get the gradients working on 95 and NT but that was many years ago and i can't remember its name, sorry)
  12. I don't have time/inspiration. Any specific ideas? Not really besides the alt-tab dialog and those small issues. The patch does what it says and that's ok. Edit: One thing i'd like to see in w2k is a better thumbnail view, similar to xp's, where the big folder icons are useful to preview what's inside
  13. Yeah, dr. hoiby is the way to go but maybe you should contact him via mail since there's no nt4 patch published on that page (i think).
  14. Yes, it's a simple txt file. (And no .txt extension, of course)
  15. Thanks for the update.
  16. Yeah, Tihiy. I know it's no bug but I didn't have a better word for it. By the way: I was really impressed by your tip on how to make windows use 24px toolbar images, so the question is how do you find that kind of things while hex-editing an exe or dll? I once drove myself crazy trying to rise outlook express' color palette with IDA PRO and a hex editor.
  17. i found another bug: Display Properties > "Effects" Tab > Desktop Icons. This list can't show the alpha channel properly. However: 1) I don't care that much. 2) It can't even show 48px icons. 3) Worse color limitations exist on every other list in this applet.
  18. IMHO you should not include Tihiy's patch right now. Sure it looks promising but there are some critical issues yet to be fixed.
  19. Well, in this case it seems like there's no need to modify anything. The ftp icon (apparently located inside program files\common files\microsoft shared\web folders\msonsext.dll) is lacking 48px images. XPero is working on it.
  20. So...you mean the shortcut overlay issue could be avoided by using a 32-bit arrow. Great. Thanks.

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