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  1. Schlumpf

    ResHacker problem

    Hi, I'd like to extract an AVI-file from the "shell32.dll". I'm using the "ResHacker.exe". I'd like to do this with the command line, but it don't works. ResHacker.exe -extract shell32.dll, AVI, 161, 0, I get this logfile: [18 Mrz 2007, 11:30:32] ResHacker.exe -extract shell32.dll, AVI, 161, 0, What's wrong?
  2. Hi, is there anywhere a list of all changes? PS: @zedox: You could add the download mirrors to the first post...
  3. It sounds nice, could you post some screenshots?
  4. which icon have I to modify?
  5. yes, but the folder icons are from windows, not gmx, aren't they? and in the "Networkplaces" (I don't know the english word) the icon has only 32x32px. And the Copy annimation is very old
  6. Hi, There are WinMe-folders in the "Network ressources":
  7. I wrote a GUI to that: Download Now it's very easy to use...
  8. Which file limits the colors? Couldn't you "xpize" this file?
  9. Schlumpf

    another ugly icon

    Hi, i found another ugly icon: "*.whs"-files.
  10. @XPero: hmm, you could make the same animation without the ResycleBin at the right side, couldn't you?
  11. Moin, I think i found a bug in XPize 4.6 beta1. If I delete a into the ResycleBin, the animation is the same if I remove it from my HDD.
  12. Schlumpf


    that isn't all, too. and i love the oher style Other Question, who created this icons?
  13. Schlumpf


    What's about the other icons? Maybe anyone can complete it...
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