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  1. Forget it damian. Most outlook express graphics are limited to a 4-bit palette. The file is msoeres.dll but there's nothing you can do unless you are able to patch the code. Tihiy tried once with no luck. That means something.
  2. Truth is you have to learn where each icon shows up if you want to make a perfect pack. For example: Alerts: 24/48px not needed. Shell icons other than startmenu's: 24px not needed. Dialogs: only 32px needed.
  3. "Barra de tareas y menú inicio" = shell32.dll, Icon #40 (or #39 if you take the first icon as #0) (Español= o #39 si consideras el primer icono como #0) "Actualizaciones automaticas"= waucpl.cpl, first icon. (This might have changed through a recent update. In that case you should look inside any wuau* file under system32) (Español= La ubicación de este icono podría haber cambiado en alguna actualización reciente. En ese caso revisa todos los archivos dll que comiencen con "wuau" en system32)
  4. That negative-like effect happens everywhere. Not always, though. So It's kinda random.
  5. No, it is pure white. But I mean the 3d highlight color, not the 3d-face color. I'm sure cause I've been manually copying that scheme to w98 pcs since 2000.
  6. Well, I choose to remove 8-bit images based on my particular situation. That is, my video card CAN handle 32-bit mode. However it may not be as simple as it seems. I had an old SIS video card which didn't support 32-bit modes but -oddly- did show xp's alpha-blended icons. Very weird.
  7. They are for you. Someone uses it maybe... Sure, pal.
  8. I keep only 4-bit images 'cause they are small byte-wise and are the ones used in vga mode. 8-bit are useless under xp IMO. Edit: 32-bit images stay there of course.
  9. I don't recommend using those packs. Reshacking system files by yourself is the way to go. I don't like having a 10MB shell32.
  10. hey Tihiy any news about this project?
  11. From what I see in the last screenshot (the wizards showing the vista bitmaps) the 3d highlight color for the theme is wrong. It should be pure white.
  12. Mostly USB support and some visual enhancements (32-bit icons, gradient titlebars). Setting Tahoma as the system font would be nice too. I don't use NT4 anymore but it was my main OS several years ago. Fast as hell for sure.
  13. Movie Maker (from WinME) works fine under 2k. Even better, you don't need to make any installer. Just run the program from its folder and that's it.
  14. You mean the toolbar buttons, right? You have to uninstall RP first. Then replace all bitmaps in the "Toolbar" folder (located where you run the installer from) with the xp images. Then install RP again. EDIT: Sorry, I thought you were using w2k. Don't know about w98.
  15. No, it's not if you're used to resource-editing programs. Search this site for some tutorial on Resource Hacker.
  16. Actually it's a problem in windows 2000. Checking this option sets the ShellIconBPP to 16-bit, which was the highest value before xp arrived. On the other hand RP works in 32-bit mode and has to force this value into the registry by itself. So leave the checkbox alone (unchecked).
  17. Cool. Reminds me of vistastyles.org
  18. People rarely post avi resources. I'm afraid you have to download some customization packs and then extract the avis from them.
  19. I meant the concepts are different. One is a simple viewer with a stupid toolbar for UI while vista's is a picture manager (and viewer). You can go any further than toolbar graphics replacement.

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