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  1. The problem I mentioned before can be corrected by modifying the order of internal images. I use @icon sushi to do that. Good luck if you give it a try.
  2. These are the 4 bugs i've found so far. I should say bugs #1-#3 don't happen all the time and they are not exclusive to any particular program. Bug #4, on the other hand, does happen all the time. Bugs #1-#3: Bug #4:
  3. Some icons have all needed images inside (16, 32, 48) but the os just can't display them properly. That's the case with "windows firewall" and "wireless network settings" icons in XP SP2's control panel, for example, where the system uses the wrong internal image (48px) in normal icon view (32px).
  4. It doesn't look like a proper testing scenario. But what do I know?
  5. Thanks Tihiy!!! It worked. Besides taskbar, titlebars and alt-tab dialog there's a bug when you bring up the properties dialog for any shortcut. The arrow overlay appears as a black square.
  6. Well, after reinstalling my nvidia drivers the patch is PARTIALY working. Here is a screenshot (patch version is 1.1): Sorry about the dark background. I forgot to change it.
  7. Dave.Net

    Just an idea

    Maybe i'll give it a try.
  8. Dave.Net

    Just an idea

    I appreciate your opinion since you were the only one who said something. I don't know, sometimes people seem to need pictures or download links to get involved in topics. That's really sad.
  9. Say hello to my little friend: TIHIY'S Revolutions Pack for Windows 2000 The 32-bit icon dream is now true.
  10. Oh my God. This guy is making history. I asked for this so many times over the years... I can't believe it's finally available!!!!!! THANK YOU TIHIY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: Doesn't work here. NVIDIA video card w/ 32-bit support.
  11. Dave.Net

    Just an idea

    Well, thanks for your time anyway.
  12. Dave.Net

    Just an idea

    Ok, this may sound crazy but how about using vertically-oriented folders as in Windows Vista while keeping the XP-style on their colors and borders? Would be a nice, refreshing touch.
  13. I know what Xpero says. The shadow is kinda there but totally f***ed-up
  14. That's a good question. Looks like a rescaled icon.
  15. That's weird beacuse it's the same bitmap... What have you customized?
  16. Dave.Net

    [REQ] WMP 10 Icon

    I second that. Wmp10 icon is a little too shiny but on the other hand wmp9 looks like a f****** donut to me.
  17. This is really cool. Nice job. Just one comment: These kind of packs always seem to make the same mistake with the startmenu icons. They are far too big and that's because authors are using the wrong images. If you take a closer look at the startmenu in a non-customized windows interface you will realize these icons are actually smaller than every other system icon. So the proper sizes are: small icons in startmenu= 16x16 pixel icon in a 16x16 grid regular icons in startmenu=24x24 pixel icon centered in a 32x32 grid large icons in startmenu (actually all around the OS)= 32x32 icon centered in a 48x48 grid (Please ignore this if you are using the "large icons" system setting and the startmenu icons just look like this at 32x32. I can't tell by the screenshots because of its low res.)
  18. The windows logo and some fonts look a little blurry here.
  19. xpsp2res.dll Please note that icon has a wrong internal image order (actually it's a bug somewhere in windows) and that's why it looks weird in control panel at 32x32 icon view. You should be aware of that while doing your mod. I recommend using icon sushi to correct the problem.
  20. I really loved MS Chat back in '99. It just worked. It was a free, easy-to-use irc client with a clean interface and I didn't need any of those xtra features for nerds that other clients like mIRC were offering. Secure? I don't know. I never had any problems back then but this is another century.
  21. Dave.Net

    Winamp patching?

    I don't think he needs to give credit to anybody. The skins are different enough and besides, both are based upon styles developed by Microsoft itself and copied many times by several skin/style artists (the author of LUNA Element among them). BTW, Bledd's titlebars and control buttons look much better IMHO.
  22. Dave.Net

    Winamp patching?

    Very very nice! I really like the play/pause/etc. buttons. How about removing the bevel around white areas and making the progress bar look a bit more like a regular windows progress bar (you know, a rectangle with rounded corners) ? That'd be great.
  23. Well those items are not in the appearance tab. If you don't wan't to use any 3rd party appz then you must change them through regedit ( "hkey_current_user / control panel / colors" ). That way is very easy but a little tedious so i'd recommend 3DCC. The flat systray effect can't be done without extra software. Try Tclock or Effective Desktop (discontinued but great IMHO)
  24. The trick is to specify similar (but not the same) colors for button shadows and button face. It works somewhat better when this two colors are rather light. If you want extra "softness" you can set a higher value for Dark shadows too.
  25. It's just a color theme and either tclock or efective desktop running. So I think he lied about not using any 3rd party appz. BTW: That soft bevel "effect" on windows and buttons is as old as Windows itself...

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