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  1. That would be me. But I didn't invent the term I think I've seen it somewhere. Anyway, I have the Vista Pack but i'm not that impressed with it. Some icons look incredibly good but others are just too hard to understand at lower resolutions. Besides, some icons have an old longhorn style while others (those from the latest builds) have a new, blurry look that i don't like at all.
  2. Not to mention it would be twice as hard to do.
  3. Looks like nobody has something to say. Goodbye XPize, Hello VISTAize?
  4. What's left to add to xpize? Bug-fixes aside, of course... My wishlist is very short (in fact it's not even a list ): Better graphics for some controls in Outlook Express, Address Book, regedit, etc... those 9x-like imagelists make me sick. (I know this was discussed at some point and I'm trying to hexedit those appz myself at the moment.)
  5. I prefer the current bootscreen. Looks more professional to me.
  6. Hey guys may I ask what's so difficult about this? I've been kinda following this thread but now i'm lost...
  7. There's no patch available right now. Some guy from Russia (the author of Win98 Revolutions) said long ago he was going to work on the subject but nothing has surfaced yet. It seems that he never get tired of 98. Anyway I think most of those xp icons look terrible under 2k. I like the office 2003 icons better, which look "up-to-date" and don't have neither that awful perspective nor the big shadow behind. We should keep the best from both worlds to enhance 2k for the time being. Just my two cents.
  8. I can't believe nobody had the time or knowlegde to make a real 32-bit icon patch for Win2k. I mean even 98 has one, for God's sake!
  9. It could be some "weird little program" going by that name.
  10. By the way, it would be nice being able to modify some controls like the folder trees in OE or regedit to accept higher color-depth bitmaps. I've been trying for ages with a hex editor but no luck yet. Maybe we should contact an expert like that guy who made the systray patch for explorer.exe.
  11. Have you noticed some icons there get distorted? I don't know what's wrong with that window but Reshacker can't do anything about it.

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