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  1. What do you mean? They are absolutely different.
  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a new version of RP to come out someday.
  3. Chris: What's the deal with the NT 5 pack besides those hacked bitmaps? Sorry but I can't read german! In regards to skinning w2k, I think only Tihiy could work it out. No one has developed anything as important as RP for 2k in 7 years.
  4. I can't remember if eFX ever worked in 2k (or NT4 for that matter) but it's an ancient app anyway, unsupported for years now.
  5. Cool. I loved NT 4. This would look much better with the shell update installed, though.
  6. I don't see anything...what is it?
  7. Looks like a tool for developers and that's all.
  8. Sure it looks awful. Too sad WLM doesn't run on 2k and Thunderbird is a f***in' resource eater.
  9. Tihiy would you mind patching outlook express to display 32-bit images and 24px toolbars? Thanks in advance.
  10. Well, I think DESK.CPL would be my first choice. However it would be nice to have a wider hack, because I see several lists lookin' like s**t (OE, Address Book, Regedit, MMC, etc.)
  11. Tihiy is there any way to enable 32bit imagelists in control panel applets? I thought rundll32.exe.32bitimgl would do the trick but it doesn't.
  12. While I do like the idea, I think your screenies 2-3 look rather weird.
  13. Tihiy, what do you mean by toolbar corruptions? I've noticed another bug in the 'Add/Remove Programs' list. Maybe it was already mentioned.
  14. Found another bug: XNview's toolbar is completely messed up after patch installation (and no, 32bitimgl file has nothing to do with it). My version is 1.82.4
  15. Then I guess it's random. I get the bug from the 'Browse...' button within the standard 'Run' box.
  16. No, your res is Ok! I meant the monitor image in 'System Properties'. Hmm... I honestly don't know how i can make the odd background transparent... Greetings, Chris I'm afraid you can't use real transparency. However you can fake it. Can I have that bmp you are using there?

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