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  1. I started a topic on this, seems the installer does not even care your using 2000 pro. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=99724 take a look
  2. Got a Screenshot of it, and it works wonderfuly on 2000 Pro
  3. Apple has decided to release its safari for windows beta, and it supposedly only runs on Xp/Vista and not 2000 Pro. But it works just fine on windows 2000, screen shots will be posted later. It is not a bad browser on windows. Download http://www.apple.com/safari/download/
  4. I installed server 2003 on my desktop and i would like the Xp Default soundscheme, i would perfer not having to set them by hand. Can somebody provide a registry key
  5. Server 2003 on my Athlon Xp system from 2004, runs pretty schweet! Better than Xp or 2000 Pro on it. System Specs: Athlon Xp 2400+ 2GHZ 1GB DDR400 Ram 40GB WD 7200 RPM EIDE Drive 8x CD Burner Geforce 6600 AGP 8x 128mb
  6. Hi, i use server 2003 SP2 as a dekstop os and i would like to have hte Xp Sound scheme for it without having to set all the sounds by hand, anybody willing to make or find a reg file to make it possible?
  7. I actually am on 2000 Pro with the laptop now, i was using NT4 just to see if it is possible to use the os today. It can be used but i am not going to go back to it any time soon.
  8. Does anybody have a copy of the Intel SSE driver for NT4? Intel has removed most of their old downloads, also any drivers for NT4 that relate to the Pentium III and/or Intel i440bx chipset would be helpful. (Found out it comes in SP5, but any other downloads related to the chipset would be helpful)
  9. What is the latest yahoo messenger client that can work on nt4? I need to be able to use Yahoo on NT4 before i switch to it on a permament basis for my laptop. MSN 5.0 and AIM 5.9 (Aim Ad hack version) work perfect on it, but i have not been able to use yahoo without trouble, or it bugging me for updating.
  10. If you want to move up to windows 2000 PM me

  11. I attempt to use WIndows update on my 98se machine (former NT4 machine, but DX9 and USB is needed now) and i get this error message Thank you for your interest in obtaining updates from our site. This website is designed to work with Microsoft Windows operating systems only. To find updates for Microsoft products that are designed for Macintosh operating systems, please visit http://www.microsoft.com/mac/. I have DX9, IE6 and 98se Unoffical service pack installed
  12. Hey, My name is Stephen and i live in new jersey. But that is enough on that subject. I have been a windows user since 1997 when i got a 166MHZ P1 Gateway desktop as my first pc and that is what started me on computers along with the old commodore 64. I currently use NT4,2000,and Xp in my house and all 3 interoperate without a problem. Current Systems Laptop: Compaq Armada E500 CPU:Pentium III 700MHZ Coppermine FSB: 100MHZ Ram: PC100 256mb Display:14" TFT 1024x768 Video: ATi Rage Pro M1 AGP 2x 8mb HDD: 12GB IBM 5400RPM UDMA2 Chipset: Intel i440BX OS: NT4 SP6a with MSIE6 and Desktop Update Other: DVD-ROM Drive Desktop: W2k Custom CPU: AMD Athlon Xp 2400+ 2GHZ FSB 266MHZ Double Pumped Ram: DDR400 1GB Display: 16" KDS CRT 1152x864 Video: Geforce 6600 AGP 8x 128mb HDD: 40GB WD400 UDMA5 7200RPM Chipset: VIA KT600 OS: Windows 2000 Pro SP4 IE6 Other: 8x CD Burner
  13. So, does anybody have the Direct X 5 beta for NT that works?
  14. Not bad on this laptop, only one complaint about my 2000 scheme i started. I do not get the neat fading banner.

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