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  1. Hi WildBill, Can we expect full 32-bit icon support any time soon?
  2. I can confirm that the MDI bug is gone, but only for non-maximized child windows. As you know, every MAXIMIZED document window kinda merge its titlebar with the application's main menu bar, thus the document icon ends up next to "File.../ Edit / etc." Well, the problem is there now. The icon's background is just a dark square. On a side note, I've been inspecting the random bug I mentioned earlier regarding taskbar buttons and found that the problem is actually related to those titlebars showing system icons (folders, My Computer, etc., not appz). Their alpha channels don't look completely right. Besides, some icons in the system tray (for example, Windows Update)need to be clicked on for their alpha channels to show up. Thanks for all your hard work, WildBill.
  3. I've been using the latest version for several days now but it looks pretty much the same as 0.0.3 to me. Old bugs still there.
  4. Here they are: 1) Places bar showing 8-bit icons only. 2) Corrupted child window icon in an MDI app (Photoshop in this case) 3) Folder icons looking weird in taskbar. So far this is the only icon that shows up wrong the whole time, but sometimes icons in taskbar lose their alpha channels for a less than a second when you click them.
  5. It's much faster now. Thanks! I'd like to point out two bugs i've found. 1) If both 32-bit AND 8-bit images are present inside an icon, Places Bar prefers the 8-bit version no matter what. 2) Title bars in MDI appz like Adobe Photoshop show messed-up icons.
  6. Thanks for updating this great (and almost dead) project. I'm running this last version right now and I see none of the old bugs. No more corrupted icons in "Places Bar". That's nice.
  7. I'm afraid he lost the source code long ago and that's why this project is dead.
  8. Excellent, damian. Now if there's something that keeps this pack from perfection it's RP.
  9. Damian, what's planned for the next release?
  10. Taskbar? No, unless you want to change the color for dialogs and window borders too. All 3d objects share the same color.
  11. It's very interesting, pal. Let's just say you didn't choose the most visual-appealing example to get people into it.
  12. Go get some app like Microangelo On Display or IconPackager. They are not free, though. Microangelo On Display IconPackager A free alternative: ActivIcons
  13. Hi. You may need to rebuild you icon cache for some changes to take effect (and I guess you already know how to do that, since you're using this software). About "non-nice" icons: RP doesn't change any icon. You must do it manually or install some customization pack like Vistapack 2K.
  14. I meant Arial Black, not bold. Sorry. Marxo: "Franklin Medium" seems to be thinner than the real thing. But you could be right.
  15. For Win 3.x it's probably Times New Roman. From 9x through 2K it's Arial Bold for the word "windows", while the version number looks like the regular Arial (or maybe a thinner variant). I don't remember XP that much, but I think the "XP" could be Trebuchet.
  16. Well, back on topic. I noticed you used large icons in the startmenu. Why? Did you do this on purpose? These icons should be 24px images inside a 32px grid, not actual 32px images. Take a close look at win2k's original shell32.dll and you'll see those icons numbered from 20 to 28 are a tad smaller than the rest. Right now they look too close to each other because images are larger than they should be.
  17. Yeah, I've just checked the 98/98SE/ME forum and Tihiy seems to be really busy there with his Uberskin/ RP8. By the way, it looks impressive.
  18. I knew that. I was beta-testing RP when it came out in February 2007. Actually I did several times. Don't get me wrong, Damian, your pack is really GREAT. It's just (in my opinion) RP is a little buggy to be the "heart" of a customization pack. You should call out for programmers to develop a replacement. i'd do it myself if I could but i'm no progammer . This is constructive criticism, man. I'm just triyng to help.
  19. I'm using the 2K version and it looks fantastic. However i think i'm gonna uninstall it because i can't stand the random icon corruption. Tihiy's Revolutions Pack should be really bug-free or left out from this, IMHO. Great job.
  20. Hi there. You have to add an Image control and place it behind the others (buttons, text, etc.). The image itself would be a new resource you previously added.
  21. 1. No 2. No This project had a short life and i'm afraid it's dead now.
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