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    outch all that and no Raptor i think too, no watercooling... more interesting for burn the computer... DDR3... no really better than DDR2 actually... Motherboard Asus, not really the best way actually too... see for Gigabyte...
  2. Icon Problem with NLite XP SP3 CD in Virtualbox

    I have find a little code REGEDIT to repair the icon problem. But that not explain the problem.
  3. Hi, I have make a fresh ISO of WinXP with SP3 + IE7. I have install it on a virtualbox to see if all is ok. But i have a problem. In the start menu, icons are with basic icon. Anyone have the same problem ? nOuk!
  4. hello I want to know if anyone can tell me about where are the HP drivers in the XP64CD ? I think there are in a .cab.... but which ? Thanks for ur attention about my question. - nouki -
  5. Anyone know new mod theme for vista ?

    oh good. I will test that. Thanks for all.
  6. Hello all friends, Have u seen something about mod theme for vista ? All people look at earo glass... but like on XP, I think we can make new theme. So, I try to search new one... but find nothing... Let's go for all deviation
  7. [Desktops] 2005

    @Kenny McCormick U seems have a transparent effect under your windows menu. Have u a DX9 video card or u use a prog/function to do that ? Nouki
  8. just an idea... i look into presetup.cmd at the end, u can find that : REM REM | Cleanup | RD /Q /S %SystemDrive%\DP REM | Reset DevicePath | %CDDRIVE%\OEM\bin\SetDevicePath.exe %SystemRoot%\Inf REM If RD /Q /S .... is doing before the Sound_Control_Panels.cmd, it's normal that it doesn't find the path... i will try tonight to REM this RD and watch if it's ok
  9. I don't verify that... but if it doesn't find the patch, probably the path doesn't exist. With the method 2, we don't have the $OEM folder... so we don't have the path %systemroot%/DP/S/.....
  10. hi all, just a little problem for me... I use method 2 to integrate BTS drivers... For control panel, i use the method A with the winnt.sif So i make my cd... I install and at the end of the install... i have an error like SYSTEMDRIVE%\DP\S\Sound_Control_Panels.cmd doesn't found ??? an idea ?
  11. How to traduce WIHU ?

    Ok right ! let's go... another question... an issur to suppress the dialog for "add user"... ? if i want use wihu just for install programs... but doesn't want show the add user dialog ?
  12. How to traduce WIHU ?

    I would like know how to traduce WIHU ? I want try to create the french translation.
  13. XPlode where?

    To download the XPlode Project, click here : XPlode Here Pour télécharger le projet XPlode, cliquez ici : XPlode ici
  14. Simple XP SP2 To Tablet PX edition

    I search how to integrate. I have found a stuff of Tablet PC on WinXP CD but how to integrate ????
  15. Hi, I have a little question... is it possible to transform a install cd of a windows XP pro SP2 to a Tablet PC edition ???