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  1. outch all that and no Raptor i think too, no watercooling... more interesting for burn the computer... DDR3... no really better than DDR2 actually... Motherboard Asus, not really the best way actually too... see for Gigabyte...
  2. I have find a little code REGEDIT to repair the icon problem. But that not explain the problem.
  3. Hi, I have make a fresh ISO of WinXP with SP3 + IE7. I have install it on a virtualbox to see if all is ok. But i have a problem. In the start menu, icons are with basic icon. Anyone have the same problem ? nOuk!
  4. hello I want to know if anyone can tell me about where are the HP drivers in the XP64CD ? I think there are in a .cab.... but which ? Thanks for ur attention about my question. - nouki -
  5. oh good. I will test that. Thanks for all.
  6. Hello all friends, Have u seen something about mod theme for vista ? All people look at earo glass... but like on XP, I think we can make new theme. So, I try to search new one... but find nothing... Let's go for all deviation
  7. @Kenny McCormick U seems have a transparent effect under your windows menu. Have u a DX9 video card or u use a prog/function to do that ? Nouki
  8. just an idea... i look into presetup.cmd at the end, u can find that : REM REM | Cleanup | RD /Q /S %SystemDrive%\DP REM | Reset DevicePath | %CDDRIVE%\OEM\bin\SetDevicePath.exe %SystemRoot%\Inf REM If RD /Q /S .... is doing before the Sound_Control_Panels.cmd, it's normal that it doesn't find the path... i will try tonight to REM this RD and watch if it's ok
  9. I don't verify that... but if it doesn't find the patch, probably the path doesn't exist. With the method 2, we don't have the $OEM folder... so we don't have the path %systemroot%/DP/S/.....
  10. hi all, just a little problem for me... I use method 2 to integrate BTS drivers... For control panel, i use the method A with the winnt.sif So i make my cd... I install and at the end of the install... i have an error like SYSTEMDRIVE%\DP\S\Sound_Control_Panels.cmd doesn't found ??? an idea ?
  11. Nouki

    How to traduce WIHU ?

    Ok right ! let's go... another question... an issur to suppress the dialog for "add user"... ? if i want use wihu just for install programs... but doesn't want show the add user dialog ?
  12. I would like know how to traduce WIHU ? I want try to create the french translation.
  13. Nouki

    XPlode where?

    To download the XPlode Project, click here : XPlode Here Pour télécharger le projet XPlode, cliquez ici : XPlode ici
  14. I search how to integrate. I have found a stuff of Tablet PC on WinXP CD but how to integrate ????
  15. Hi, I have a little question... is it possible to transform a install cd of a windows XP pro SP2 to a Tablet PC edition ???

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