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  1. I am not sure but why dont you try to thinstall and in stall it on windows XP (Or 2003) then move the thinstall files to the windows 2000 PC i think it should work but you will have to try.
  2. It May Be one of the hotfixes that are with IE7 that may be needed? I'll check in on it.
  3. Why did microsoft suddenly decide to make WHS though I mean all it is is Server 2003 "dummied" Down? What could be their Plan..........
  4. Hey look i dont have the kind of expertise you have so i do not know what i am doing ok. I am sorry that i am dumb.
  5. Why dont you use Nlite. you can slipstream Service packs and hotfixes. B)
  6. I agree with Don nlite may be the best option. but what i am not understanding is that why is a "GENUINE" Copy of MS Windows 2000 is not booting up.
  7. I only tried this method with WMP 11 so i am pretty sure it works just go to the link.
  8. I have some friends that wanted to know so instead of typing this over and over i made a new thread thus i will not get bone cancer or some other bone disease frome typing.
  9. Guys leave me a comment guys and while your at it vote. this silence is making me cry
  10. is it ok for me to add that to my sig. i have friends who go there.
  11. ok so you want windows media player 11 on server 2003? just follow these steps and it should work. B) I will try to have pictures of the whole process so you can better understand Ok let me break this down to you: 1. Download Windows Media player 11 from here 2. Use WinRAR or WinZip to extract the exe file. 3. Open the extracted folder and extract wmp11.exe and wmfdist11.exe 4. when all the files have been extracted go to the start menu and go to the accessories folder and click on Program compatability wizard. 5. After the wizard comes up click next. it will ask you how you want to locate the program. click on I want to locate the program manually. 6. Click next and you will be asked to locate the program first go to the wmp11\update folder and select update.exe and click next. 7. the wizard will then ask for you to select a a compatibility mode for the program. Click on windows XP. 8. You will be asked if you want to disable features. just ignore it and click next. 9. You will then be asked if you want to set Select user account privileges. Also ignore this and click next. 10. you will then get a confirmation screen saying the setting you have applied if it looks like this: then you are on the right track. 11. click next and you should get this screen: . If you got this then follow the instructions on the screen to finish. 12. repeat steps 4-11 for wmfdist11\update\update.exe. if all goes well then you should have WMP 11 in server 2003 if not then post a complaint and i will try to help.
  12. ok so you want windows media player 11 on server 2003? just follow these steps in my guide and it should work. B) Click Here I will try to have pictures of the whole process so you can better understand.

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