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  1. maybe topic is better in MSFN Unattended 2000/xp/2003 forum... can someone move so I don't need to make another post?
  2. In the MSFN unattended setup guide for the winnt.* the microsoft program only allows choices for WinXP/2003 are all the same parameters setup for win2k advanced server?
  3. soccer84playa


    anybody have this image for corp version? I have a copy of corp but I want a perfect untouched copy and its hard to find these days. Lemme know. THxx
  4. I have never had this error. I use XP Pro Corp but i use original source first then always slipstream SP2 to update files in case anything is corrupt. Make sure there is not $OEM$ folder installing some old files or anything. I suggest also that if you use Ryans pack and want to integrate IE7 and WMP11 that you do a install of RyanVM update pack first then in a new instance you can do IE7 + WMP11. I usually do IE7 in Nlite and wmp11 in the slipstreamer. After that i integrate WGA and DX9c alongside any drivers and customizing i need to do. Never really a problem except when I did include some packs that weren't necc. now I just throw all packs in at once and nlite just gets it right I guess... I do it other way sometimes just to make sure nothing goes out of order. nuhi i am curious what nlite leaves behind on the cd that is custom from nlite itself. Modded or added files to windows install I mean like ini files or anything just curious to know.
  5. No, no I meant a update pack similar to the one you have but only hotfixes and stuff that would be included after ie7 and wmp11 are installed
  6. I understand. I wasn't sure the effect of having unsigned drivers would have exactly. I knew prompts but didn't think it would do it for things like MSWHEEL and stuff... anyways thanks Maybe make a update pack for ie7 & wmp11 integrated first ^^ that would be sweet hehe
  7. I did it without wmp10 and have no setup errors. During normal use though like installing a USB driver it asks to install drivers (ms wheel) instead of just doing it like normal. I turned off catalogs and sfc would that be the cause of that? If so then I might have to enable SFC and catalogs but would that cause errors during setup?
  8. Wish I could find out what components aren't being installed. Maybe some bagage from wmp10. Not sure though anyways all apps/services seem to work perfectly in vmware. Im going to make another copy without wmp10 and see how that goes. Wish Ryan made a update pack with idea of ie7 and wmp11 being slipstreamed in baseline. that would be nice .
  9. I do wmp10 to update windows in a proccess. I use your integrated because I don't know if nLite deletes the catalogs when you do it like that and with your program I delete catalogs.
  10. I do it seperately. First I integrate the update pack, dx9c, wga, and wmp10. After that I integrate IE7 and then seperately I use boogies installer for wmp11. After everything is updated I custimzed it to remove oobe, tour, sample sounds, setup my key, few tweaks like classic login, disable SFC, deleted catalog files, merged driver.cab and yeah that's all. In event log it says it was a "minor non fatal error" and it setuperr.log it is the only error I see. I have been using VMWARE for these because I'm trying to get close to perfect as possible I guess I'll have to try again lol
  11. After installing windows i get this message in error.log "setup failed to enumerate all component packages" I use nLite slipstream SP2 to make sure all sp2 files are not corrupt. I then integrate ryanvm update pack, dx9c, wga, wmp10. I check delete catalog files and turn off SFC. after that integrates I do IE7 and then separately do boogys wmp11 slipstream. Finally I remove a few components like OOBE, tour, samples MSN Explorer , msn, keyboards & languages, setup unattended, runonce dotnetaio and make cd. Only error I get is that. I guess question is is that normal error? Would that be caused because of catalog files being deleted and SFC off?
  12. Under "Hardware support" and "services" what are safe to remove without comprimising windows to not operate right with new hardware/software?
  13. I guess I could understand where you might have mis understood. More clearly I meant would it cause a error during setup saying a unsigned driver or something is being installed. Well I already compiled it anyways so I will be testing it soon. My last install was perfect except for dotnet breaking webclient @ svcpack so I'm doing runonce since people said it isn't a problem there.
  14. I'm just curious if I use the patcher from nLite for tcp/ip will it cause a error during setup or what?
  15. I realized it's a problem with VMWARE. I installed on system itself and it went smooth. (except for webclient breaking). Anybody know why I'm having problems with VMWare Workstation v5.1

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