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  1. I've also heard that you can extract the service pack and replace update.exe with a standard 32bit one and it'll integrate just fine. (That said, I did it in a VM myself )
  2. Yzöwl, I ran into some issues with it the other day. First off, it doesn't behave nicely with hotfixes named IE7-WindowsXP-KBxxx. I ended up a file named WindowsX.exe. Second, is it possible the code you posted doesn't always handle multiple EXEs properly? I ran it in a dir with 5 or 6 hotfixes in it and it properly renamed the first EXE just fine, but it didn't touch the rest. Basically, I've adapted your code with some code to go through a directory and expand all the hotfixes after renaming them, so I can run the batch file in a directory of standard as-downloaded EXEs and be left with a nice directory of KBxxxxxx folders instead
  3. ...which just allows you to install R2 after logging the first time, not during setup like I asked. Unless I'm missing something?
  4. I installed MP11 by extracting the package and running the installers in XP compatibility mode. Everything seemed to go OK, but when I try to start Media Player, it tells me that the version number installed doesn't match the expected version and quits. Any ideas?
  5. Woah, I never knew that KB article existed. Nice having everything in one concise spot like that . BTW, my plan is to make the changes directly to HIVESFT.inf so the settings are there from the start.
  6. My hunch is that he's using a modified boot screen.
  7. Yes, as it's based on Server 2003 code.
  8. My hunch is that while the core media player is 32bit, some of the codecs and such that come with it are 64bit binaries.
  9. OK, I know you can combine the two disks and that doing so causes Windows to automatically install R2 upon the first login. What I want to know is has anybody ever successfully gotten R2 to being installed during Windows Setup?
  10. Assuming he's integrating the QFE versions of the hotfixed files (which I'm 99.9% certain he does), $hf_mig$ is unnecessary. Read the following KB article if you want more information on the matter. http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...kb;en-us;824994
  11. It should go without saying that you want to replace the file in i386 with the hotfixed file.
  12. OMGZ0RS, VIRTUAL PC IS TEH SLOW!!!!!111 VPC2007 works fine, been using it since the first beta. And unlike VMWare, it doesn't annoyingly take control of the mouse just because I happened to type something in the VM.
  13. Supposedly (and from what I've been hearing from everybody who's tried it so far), KB928090 fixes the IE RunOnceEx problem. Did you actually try it before jumping to conclusions? There's an entire MS KB article on the topic and there are many reports on this very forum about the problem being fixed.
  14. MS routinely posts things to the download center long before they post them to Windows Update. Get over it, it's the same file.
  15. umm, http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details...;DisplayLang=en ?
  16. You are indeed correct. But shouldn't it have made a couple of entries in a SIF file or something to make these two files actually copy over to the right place? Anyways, it made nLite run screaming like a little girl ;-) If the addon is directly replacing files in i386, those entries should already be there...
  17. That addon was probably just replacing one or two files in i386. What exactly would you expect entries.ini to contain for it, Pistolero? But yes, nLite certainly shouldn't be having problems with an INI like that
  18. Remember kids, it always helps to read the directions
  19. My my, what excellent timing you have!
  20. Alanoll already answered your question. What you're proposing directly violates both Microsoft's and nLite's license agreements, regardless of the legality of your copies of Windows. In other words, not a smart idea for a business
  21. Umm, Firefox doesn't use ActiveX controls. You need to download the plugin for Firefox. Only IE uses the ActiveX control.
  22. As the Prerequisties section of the KB920342 article states, the PNRP2 hotfix can't be installed until KB922819 has been installed.

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