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  1. Just got this game and i keep gettin this error.. I have tried Uninstalling and reinstalling, Can anyone help?
  2. I don't think im ever gunna get rid of them
  3. Here you go.. msconfig.gif msconfig2.gif
  4. Thanks for helping, but it still giving me pop-ups..
  5. Here you go... hijackthis.log
  6. Well i tryed what you said and it didnt work, thanks anyway.. This is the Pop-ups i keep gettin..
  7. I keep gettin ringtone pop-ups on my computer iv tryed scanning the PC with Ad-aware i did have a few things in that but i delleted them and its still gettin them, i also have the google toolbar the one thats suppost to stop pop-ups, I have the built in XP firewall and ZoneAlarm Pro both Enabled. im outta ideas, anyone help?
  8. EmuMan


    thanks Aaron, that worked:D no more annoying sound.
  9. Hey, this started yesterday my pc is making a bigger noise than it ushally does, its the fan at the back does anyone know why this could be doing it?
  10. http://spitthisout.vze.com ..hope you like it
  11. and whats that in english lol...... sorry never been to canada or us..
  12. go and buy it OK i wont be gettin more RAM then..lol
  13. It takes quite a while but i suppose i could live with it.. everything is ok ones it as loaded up... BTW how do you get more RAM???

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