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  1. So you are saying that widgets are not restricted to Desktop X but are simply just addons? Sounds good. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Um, NO. Aparently you missed it. Here it is again: All those widgets (weather, CPU, monitors, etc.) are Konfabulator. Wraith's desktop is also using konfabulator for this month. I'm not 100% sure about that TV schedule but I would assume it's konfabulator as well. I think all widgets have an opacity/transparency option. Cheers. <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  2. Dude, its already been discusesed, look at the top of this page.
  3. All those widgets (weather, CPU, monitors, etc.) are Konfabulator. Wraith's desktop is also using konfabulator for this month. I'm not 100% sure about that TV schedule but I would assume it's konfabulator as well. I think all widgets have an opacity/transparency option. Cheers. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> /\ what he said
  4. Ok, there seems to be some confusion on what I'm useing here. Its a stock UI, except for Konfabulator and the backgrounds. If you don know what konfabulator is, then LOOK IT UP. I looked at wraith's post and suspected that was what he used, I coped what I liked. Again, just to state, becuase I know it will be asked, EVERYTHING fancy you see is Konfabulator, there is nothing else running! Desktop1 Laptop Woopsie, didnt realize my links had gone bad.
  5. My testing shows that the 3Dmark05 specs need no special work, just make sure to keep the directory structure intact. http://www.computingzone.net/lapspec/SI.xml
  6. * edit 1.25.05* Server went down, lost pics
  7. Whats realy sad is that I live near where that happed.
  8. Weridest thing to happen to me has to be the 'Frisbie of DEATH'. I had one of the first gen high-speed drives, 48x or 52x, cant remember. Years ago those early drives (especialy the cheap ones) didnt have a mechanism to stop the cd. You hit the button, it ejected, no matter what. Was working on something and the cd-drive went to full speed, stuff began to slowly move around my desk from the vibrations caused. Then, windows froze. Thinking it was the "new" cdrom (I had had issues with windows getting stuck durring a cd spin-up), I hit the eject button. Next thing I knew, there was a loud buzzing sound, then a THUMP, and the cd was imbeded about half-way into the wall behind me. Luckly the tower was elevated slightly and I wasnt leaning over it to hit the button, or I might be less a finger or two. Other than the usual "I though it was a cup-holder", nothing else has been 'weird'.
  9. It would be worse. Plexiglass does not conduct heat as well as an aluminum Chassis would, therefore it would heat up faster. Plexi cases also have the horrible ability to show EVERY scratch.
  10. Almost exactly what I got, 128mb Radeon 9600 though is realy the only major difference.
  11. Orlando, FLorida Just moved here 3 days ago. Starting school today. CET Major - Computer Engineering Technology. Have my first class in about 2 hours, "Digital Circuts".
  12. lol , ok then. Seems after plastering my "ad" on 3 forums, I have my fist image uploaded, and its an MSFN member....I think.....
  13. Yea well, if im going to let people use the photos anywhere, I figure its a good idea to know WHO is uploading what, so I can put a stop to it if nessessary Also, anyone who has a site of their oun, this script is an excelent way of getting photos up to your site without messing with FTP, I run more than one of these scripts.
  14. I've got a lot of free space and bandwidth on my hands here, time to share some of it. - Image size must be under 500KB. - I check all pictures uploaded. - Innapropriate images will be removed. - I have the right to remove any image that uses excess bandwidth! There is no hotlinking protection, feel free to use these images on any site!!! http://imagehost.computingzone.net Ideas, rules, and script blatenty stolen from gamehead200, I'm just a little more friendly in my sharing
  15. Yea the MX900's cradle will also double as a bluetooth adapter, but if you already have a BT adapter, then there is no point in using the MX900 adapter for anything other than recharging the battery. BTW dkreifus, what are your system specs?
  16. 8600 here as well. No bluetooth devices other than it, though I am attempting to trade my MX700 Duo for an MX900 so I can have a bluetooth mouse if anyone is interested
  17. I went 3 months without ready access. Got into a fit where I didnt want anything to do with computers, but was still bothered by them anough to go to the library and check email.
  18. http://notebookforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=71
  19. I noticed that as well. Windows Explorer also has a similar status bar, and it also suffers from the same problem, it never wants to stay.
  20. Not bad at all. I just got mine a few weeks ago as a graduation present. 1.6GHZ Pentium Mobile Intel 855 Chipset Intel 2200 Pro B/G /\ Centrino Certification 512MB DDR333 PC2700 60GB 7,200 RPM HDD ATI Radeon Mobility 9600 Pro Turbo DVD + RW 56K modem Built-on NIC Svideo out 15.4" TFT screen. 1280x800 native - Looks exactly like 1024x760, just wider. 2 USB Standard sound hookups - AC97. Though it does have the ability to use both the internal speaker and externam simultainusly. No IRDA even though my friend bought the exact same model a few weeks before me and got it. XP Home SP1. Formated. Now duel booting XP Pro SP1 & Fedora Core 2 Price: $2500 The widescreen is incredable in games that support it, seeing more than other ppl can, seeing them usualy before they see you
  21. Yes, what happens if I damage my cd? I still have it but it is unusable to me. Movies, dont care much for music. I feel that the government should take a back seat and let the parties involved deal with the problem amongst themselvs. There have already been good answers to this. I would consider it a good thing. The more people downloading my songs proly means the more popular I am. People that truly like music tend to go and buy them anyway.
  22. I dont have a link to the article, but if I remember it right it goes like this. A "burnable" cd actually has a special ink that is in the cd. This ink is normaly disperesed and creates a very shiny surface. When struck by the laser in your burner it heats up momentarily to over 600F and changes shape, creating a microscopic spot that is no longer reflective. This creates the same pattern that is on a normal CD, maily the little 'pits' that the laser reads as a '1'. The reflective area being a '0' CDRWs have ret another type of ink that when the laser hits it at a differnt power level, it melts completely and disperses again. It is not perfect however and constant re-melting it eventually looses its ablility to function properly, hense why they have a warning that says they cant be used more than X times. It is generaly safe to use a CD past this level, but dont be supprised if you have corruption issues. Sorry if you didnt understand this, the article I saw explained it better, I'll have to find it again.

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