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  1. I have Automatic download and notify you to install updates selected, but it never downloads or notifies you.
  2. That is Blacklisted VLK key also oembios method wont work if you do not have manufacturer string in DMI area in bios.
  3. Van the mediafire link doesn't work just takes you to mediafire home page.your files are not there.
  4. It is an Autoit script you need to download autoit install it and compile the script.
  5. oops are reguards to System Image Manager yeah I should have mentioned that a while back all I do is admin install and run it from the folder.
  6. On second thoughts input box is better if some one was using an AIO there would be a lot more indexes
  7. On windows 7 that was all I needed to do to make this work and prompt for the elevate. Win 8 probably be harder to figure out. I have the stuff added you suggested. New version uploaded ; 9/17/12 Modify Mounting of Image suggestion by MrJinje is now 'Mount R/W = Enter Image Index #' That was easy Van, Mount R/W = Enter Image Index # ids fine if they actually know what the images are we had this long while back and had to post image indexes of x86 and x64. I know they should use wim.info but not everyone will
  8. Mey mate, the cmd actually ask for the product key for backing up the activation. So which product key should I use here, the one which is on the back of the laptop or the one which is in the installed OS? You need to use OEM:SLP key the one used for the installation not the OEM:COA key on the back of the laptop. You would be better of using Advanced Tokens Manager if you click on the small green orb on top right corner of the application and select your windows dvd folder it will make $oem$ folder for you. I cannot understand why you do not use OEM:SLP key + Certificate to pre-activate Information is available on the forum with the link I gave.
  9. The Key on the back of you laptop is a OEM:COA (Certificate of Authentication) key are regular OEM keys that require activation, either by phone or online the key used for your windows installation is a OEM:SLP key (System-Locked Pre-installation) These are the only keys that are able to bypass activation that is, perform offline activation without contacting Microsoft. more info Here
  10. You can also use Advanced Tokens Manager Advanced Tokens Manager
  11. You could have just run winrar and went to settings file associations and selected .zip file.
  12. Probably due to the fact every program you have listed you are using inno setup switches you need to use correct switches for different types of installers.
  13. This is a rip off of RT Seven Lite it was posted on MDL and we reported it to bensam56 he did reply. P.S the two members involved have since been permanently banned from MDL and the thread deleted.
  14. check out -Windows-7-OEM-Recovery-Partition-tools-creator-Free
  15. also try changing to MsDosInitiated=0 UnattendedInstall=Yes instead of MsDosInitiated="0" UnattendedInstall="Yes"
  16. you need to add OEMSkipWelcome=1 to [unattended] section and you may also need UnattendSwitch=Yes
  17. Tripredacus was just giving you an example you need to specify your OWN paths to your application.
  18. Some msi installers requite msiexec.exe running to install example CMD /C Start /Wait msiexec.exe /I %SystemDrive%\APPS\Acronis_DiskDirector10\AcronisDiskDirector.msi
  19. The key from the bottom of the laptop is OEM:COA key not OEM:SLP key if this is xp pro you could try MS OEM:SLP key Preserving OEM Pre-Activation when Re-installing Windows XP
  20. You could try advanced installer free edition Download Page
  21. My mistake, link had been removed so I didn't realise the link provided was to download certs and slics.
  22. Now that I do not understand genuine person asking, we have whole sections on this forum about windows xp oembios files and even scripts to retrieve SLP1.0 oem serial numbers and oembios files from OEM SLP installations. Why is vista or windows 7 any different we are not talking here about hacks, loaders or bios mods. The guy was just asking how to get his oem .xrm-ms certificate.
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