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  1. I know this is a old post but I have the same problem, code to display its progress (%) in text form i.e. "Mounting 3% Complete"). I hate the waiting so I am making my own RT7 Lite clone ( Wim Customizer ). I searched the internet for examples or code for CopyProgressRoutine or WIMMessageCallback but cannot find anything. I hope that some one (post date a year later) can help me out. Maybe you have found the solution Legolash20 and can post it here. For the people interested my wingapi wrapper using System; using System.Runtime.InteropServices; using System.Collections; using System.Global
  2. Hey Guys, I have a issue and now its time to ask for help. I tried everything and it driving me nuts. I used RT Seven Lite for this but, it has a few bugs and it needs an update and because this project is in my opinion abandoned, I stopped using it. So I step over to manual mode. (Read batch mode) A lot we can do manually but what i liked about RT7 is the 'component removal'. Manually adding tweaks, integrate updates and drivers is no problem for the most off us. Enabling and disabling features is no problem at all. But component removal is a pain in the ... Here is my problem. I mount my i
  3. The hidden updates and the updates that are installed on the reference computer can be found in C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\DataStore The file u want in your new image on the same location is: datastore.edb.
  4. I have this script that i copy to the startup folder of the default user. Fine tuning may be needed autoit script BlockInput(1) ActionCenterNotifications() _SelfDelete(5) BlockInput(0) Func ActionCenterNotifications() Dim $HoldReg, $HoldProblem, $UnCheckWindowsUpdate, $UnCheckSpyware, $UnCheckInternet, $UnCheckUAC, $UnCheckFirewall, $UnCheckVirus, $UnCheckBackup, $UnCheckCheckUpdates, $UnCheckTroubleshooting $UnCheckWindowsUpdate = 1 $UnCheckSpyware = 0 $UnCheckInternet = 0 $UnCheckUAC = 1 $UnCheckFirewall = 0 $UnCheckVirus = 0 $UnCheckBackup = 1 $UnCheckCheckUpdates =
  5. Some additions Get your wifi and IP Settings. ** Not needed when using DHCP ** Use netsh wlan show profiles to show all profiles If you want to see the details of your profiles, use this command: netsh wlan show all export profile netsh wlan export profile folder="PATH_TO_FOLDER" name=PROFILENAME Import profile netsh wlan add profile filename="PATH_AND_FILENAME.xml" Interface="Wireless Network Connection" export all profiles netsh wlan export profile folder="%USERPROFILE%\Desktop" key=clear The key=clear is to get a readable WiFi password Use netsh -c interface dump > c:\ip-settings.txt t
  6. @Benjiau Nice tutorial. Thanks. But I have Nero 11. And this is not working with nero 11. I followed your tut and I'm installing in the following order Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\corecomponents\Nero.CoreComponents.msi /quiet /norestart Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\controlcenter\Nero.ControlCenter.msi /quiet /norestart Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\burningrom\Nero.BurningROM.msi /quiet /norestart Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {tmp}\Nero10\Express\Nero.Express.msi /quiet /norestart Filename: msiexec.exe; Parameters: /i {
  7. The File is called (Auto)unattend.xml Here's some info Windows Deployment Step-by-Step Guide <component name="Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup" processorArchitecture="amd64" > <Display> <ColorDepth>32</ColorDepth> <HorizontalResolution>1024</HorizontalResolution> <RefreshRate>60</RefreshRate> <VerticalResolution>768</VerticalResolution> </Display> <WindowsFeatures> <ShowWindowsMediaPlayer>false</ShowW
  8. It seems that I used msiexec /i for all installers except for symantec. I removed the msiexec /i and added it by SEP and it works now. They all install. I have no explaination for this behavior but it works. And for the HKCU thing. I mounted ntuser.dat with the HKCU settings. So all settings are use when using setupcomplete.cmd. So I think. Thx. Guys for the info.
  9. Thanks Guys I'll try msiexec first then if it won't work i will start playing with the order of installing the apps. I let you know how it works out
  10. I have several applications too be installed when setupcomplete.cmd runs. Some of them are msi installers wrapped in a 7z installer. 7-Zip Acrobat Reader X Office 2007 Symantec Endpoint Protection nVidia PhysX software Java But here is the problem. They where installing fine. But some how on a new 7lited windows 7 dvd most of them aren't 7-Zip is installed even nVidia PhysX software but the rest of them starts but will not install. No errors but I must say. They are silent installers so maybe there are errors but I cannot see them. Hope that someone can help me out here. It's driving me Nuts!
  11. Well, I've tested it and it's the spwizimg.dll in the second image of boot.wim 409 and 411 It must be a bmp 275x174 and must be saved with a alpha channel. (A8 R8 G8 B8) Info
  12. In the root of the dvd in the sources folder there is also an spwizimg.dll file.
  13. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE » Software » Policies » Microsoft » Windows » DeviceInstall » Settings AllowRemoteRPC REG DWORD 1 or 0
  14. What policy needs te be set. What I know is for example the policy setting for: Prevent installation of Removable devices GPEdit.msc then go to in Local Computer Policy ->Computer Configuration ->Administrative Templates->System -> Device Installation -> Device Installation Restrictions ->Enable/Disable the "Prevent installation of Removable devices". is the same as HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE » Software » Policies » Microsoft » Windows » DeviceInstall » Restrictions The keyname will be DenyRemovableDevices value = 1 So I think u should mount the image. Load the registry components
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