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  1. processor will get roughly 50% usage- I'll analysis this. I'm a hardware troubleshooter. To save time I use 90% of my software silent install. Just I wanted to add something new in my silent script like this. It's awesome. Thanks again.
  2. Very nice script, Just awesome. It's (time_exe) working like that what I wanted. Thanks a lot jaclaz.
  3. Thanks jaclaz. Very useful link. In the mean time I wrote a script. Your clues and links helped me to write this script. I got digital clock instead of Stop watch here. Hope your advice.
  4. Sorry for late. I read the stackoverflow link you given above. It was about like progressbar. Last two days I explored many sites and learned many things. I'm very interested to learn batch scripting. I read and practice also. But some time I can't understand complicated script as newbie. For example in your script "prompt #$H&echo on&for %%b in (1) do rem" for 0x08 hex characters (you mentioned), to_hs as well as to_HHMMShs section. You set DeltahsVal variable but I couldn't find it's usage in the script. Shamed to asked foolishly.
  5. You are right. My batch can show incorrect results in many cases. If you fix my time subtraction batch into HH:MM:SS:hs Format It will be also very useful to me. An exactly you said. My want is time elapsed. Finally I tested your batch with wait.exe. It shows a continuous Elapsed process. I'm learner of batch. So I didn't understand the batch you posted. Thanks.
  6. I can use timer for calculate the time (Code below). But It's not that what I exactly want.
  7. Very complicated script. I tried it. I think it's not that I want. I've attached a screenshot. For example I'm installing office. During installing it'll show the timer massage. So I can monitor how much time (Minute or second) is going on for the installation.
  8. I badly need it to count time during software installation. I've made some silent softwares with batch command. I need to check how much time do these softwares take to be installed.
  9. Thanks jaclaz. I need just a batch command for a stop watch with h:m:s or h:m:s:ms (hour:Minutes:Seconds: millisecond) format like the picture attached.
  10. Is there any way to run c/c++ script with bat file? I need batch command to create Digital Stopwatch but got a c++ script. I don't know c++. So I need bat help. Source
  11. You are really wise as well as so helpful. Thanks again. I just wanted to learn. I always enjoy and try to learn critical and new things. I explored and passed a long time in the web to learn this things. But I didn't find any clue. So at last I wrote here. Have a good time.
  12. Thanks a lot for your instructions with great talent. I added some screenshots of a ISO. I know you can find the way. Screenshot.zip
  13. Thanks jaclaz, You are really genius.ISO buster is working to show the files/folders. In a ISO file some files are hidden and some are showing correctly. I've made a bootable ISO file and I want to hide some files and folders like that. Could you please instruct me how to do that?

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