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  1. Dear friend, I have 7zip file, Extract it and compress it again with 7zip GUI.I choose ULTRA \ LZMA \ 64 \ 64 \ solid option in 7zip GUI.after compression I compare it with original version.my 7zip compression ratio is about 95% but in original version is about 82%. I see property of original 7zip.the method in original version was "LZMA BCJ2" and "solid +" and "Blocks 2" but in mine version it is "LZMA" and "solid -" and "blocks 1" so my question is how and with which switch i can change my compression method?i read help of 7zip but it seems that switches for bcj2 dont work in GUI.
  2. Dear friend, I wanna to make new" setup.exe" that extract 2 file "setup.msi" and "config.xml" to the temp and run setup.msi with a custom "msiexec" switch. How can i do it? is there any program like installshiels that do it?
  3. Password Complexity can be done via importing a modified security template. Read whole thread, pay attention to post #6 here. I would research using the Enable-Feature command to pre-enable themes using DISM. (it is disabled by default on W2K8-R2) Not sure about AERO, but I would look into if you couldn't just modify the registry offline to enable that one. Thanks alot dear friend. But that topic is about unattend XP. Can I use that method for Server 2008 R2?
  4. Hi all Dear Friends, How can I make an unattended Windows Server 2008 R2 that pre-install Desktop Experience and active Aero and active theme service during installation. and also it doesn't check "Windows Server 2008 Password Complexity Requirements" I mount install.wim with windows AIK but I don't know which of component must change. thanks alot.
  5. thanks. use "slmgr /dlv" to show windows 7 build.
  6. Hi all kind friend, some days ago i found at a forum a cmd command that shows Windows 7 build and revision number. but at this time i forgot that command. anybody knows what is that command? i attached the result pic of command that shows build number and much more.
  7. i want to change it to my gf birthday:-) which clg i must change?
  8. Hi all, i made Multiboot DVD from windows 7 that contains 32 and 64bit editions. but at menu that you can select version it shows "date modified" how can i change this date to today or any other date? thanks alot
  9. i cant see download link at first post. any one have it?
  10. the problem is still exist and i find another thing. when I burn my untouched XP Iso on DVD the problem appear and when I burn on CD there is no problem. i test with another XP iso and the problem still exist. on two of my intel system it get error but on others no error.
  11. i tested the method that describe here! but no success. when i boot vmware with iso that i created just show a blink cursor and nothing happened.
  12. Can anybody help it that can i do it without using ISOLinux?
  13. thanks.i change it as johnhc said.by editing winnt.sif thanks alot
  14. its legal copy of windows but when i made ISO i entered it wrong and i dont want to make it because it waste time. thanks alot
  15. Hi all, i have windows xp iso that made by nlite.but how can i change installation serial without making new iso? thanks
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