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  1. in Win 8 a new Bluescreen was insert at Microsoft. Now i would changes this Backgriund and text. I Think the info for the bluescreen is to search in the bootres.dll. With the ResHacker can find the Text. But when i change the Text an replace the original bootress.dll nothing was changed when a bluescreen came. Everybody an idea how can i chnage the new bluescreen in windows 8. Regard Mike
  2. @myselfidem I have tested http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/149557-windows-7-setup-font/ But don't work at me an my Windows 7. The font also would be change in the Programm not in the dll or mui datei. Regard Mike
  3. The Topic says all. Can any user help me and can say, how i can change the font of the windows installation ? regard beatmaster
  4. Hi. Today i have found on Intowindows.com the Tool "RT Windows Customizer". This looks like RT Seven Lite, but is alos für Win 8 32/64 Bit. Is this a copy of RT Seven Lite ? Regard Mike (Bildquelle: Intowindows.com)
  5. Here for all my new Background of the Windows 8 Install. Also i have integrated an new Wallpapder, Userpicture an i have cutsomized the Metro UI Screen befor i install Win 8. ] Regard beatmaster
  6. Hi one question about Win8 Install and the green Background. How can i replace this with my own image ? i have edit the spwizimg.dll, the shsx.dll in install.wim. Also i have edit the background and setup image in boot.wim (also in the oobe directory). Now i can't find the file with this green background. Can me help ? Mike
  7. Hi blue please send me the english language file , so i can translate the new version 0.5.0 . When i look into the download package and there in the english language file, i can't find any entrie of components removel. thanks beatmaster
  8. One question. When i open the shell32.dll ( C:\Windows\System32 ) with ResHacker or Anolis Resourcer the Icons have not the nimber of the list post #5. is it with you too? Example the Icon 137 in the Picture. When i open the shell32.dll this icon is nr. 246 ? Can anyone explain this? Regard Mike
  9. Hi maxXPsoft, i have one problem with the reg. The DISM.exe need administrative rights. how can i give the dism.exe thuis rights for all time ? Regard Mike P.S. And can you also make a "DeleteReg" witch delete the Reg entries ?
  10. You must unmount the install.wim in the mount folder of RT Se7en Lite. You can`t delete this file: Open the konsole as admin and write this: c:\Programme\Windows_AIK\Tools\x86(or amd64)\imagex /unmount c:\ ... and here the Path to the mount folder when the unmounting prozess is finished, the mount folder is empty and you can delete this folder. beatmaster
  11. That`s right. Sorry i had forgotten this. beatmaster
  12. Thanks @ All. I have have change the entries with the tool GImageX. Here are the result: beatmaster
  13. Hi Adre, you know how XML.file is in the install.wim ? I found this entries in the EditionMatrix.xml . Is this the file what i must change ? beatmaster
  14. Hi @ All, one question. How can i change the entries of the Image names of Win 7. I mean this entries at the Installation of Win 7: beatmaster

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