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  1. I was having the same problem, so I put the computer to reboot before installing Avira, and Avira left for last in the installation of WPI. It must be some program of your installation that makes it necessary to restart the computer. Sorry my english, I'm using google translator Nice, I'll test it out and report back. Thanks.
  2. Question... I've packaged the avira.exe and I'm using the -y switch for a silent installation (via WPI), but the AVIRA installation GUI comes up anyway and I need to input things manually. Any clue? BTW, thanks for the great APP!
  3. Hi, Please help me with something. I'm trying to create a folder inside Program Files (x86) through a dos command using the following command: {MAKEDIR} %programfiles(x86)%\Folder Since it seems that you need an elevated prompt section to use such command (even logged in as the admin), is there a way to circumvent this issue? Thanks!
  4. I know it exists, but I haven't been lucky with Google. It's a (command line) executable that forces the silent installers without triggering the Vista/7 UAC window. Thanks in advance.
  5. I'll try and post back. Thanks.
  6. Hey I'm having a hard time making the WLE 2011 switches to work. Here's the line: start /wait WLE11/wlsetup-all.exe /q /NoLaunch /NoToolbarCEIP /NoHomepage /NoSearch /AppSelect:Writer,MovieMaker,silverlight,Mail,Messenger Once the hidden process finishes, I got nothing installed, not even a new folder in Program Files. What should I change? Thanks in advance.
  7. I'm searching for the switches for this app so I can remove the IE bar, the start page and the other options the installer uses. I already know the switch for the silent install but the rest is missing. Thanks in advance guys.
  8. Hey. I'd like to know if there is some kind of tool for building a cd or a directory strucure with an executable, to make a GUI appear and make me choose which software (silent installators) I'd like to install after I installed Windows, pretty much like what Motherboards installation CD/DVD do with drivers, with checkboxes or something similar. Thanks in advance. Please move this thread if it's in the wrong forum.
  9. For the love of god! Someone please upload the file elsewhere! Edit: nevermind! I saw the link on mediafire! Thanks!
  10. *NEWBIE ALERT!* Hi, I'm using nlite to make my custom CD but there're some desktop icons I'd like to remove before the first logon. Is it possible? How? Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks John. I always start fresh when the BSOD appears (VMWare or on actual hardware), also, the base I'm using already has SP3 integrated, as it's taken from my OEM copy of Windows XP Professional. I can upload the .ini as soon as I can restart working on it. I'll also post the BSOD code.

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