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  1. Latest version of True Image provides UEFI booting. My questions 1. How to combine true image and disk director? 2. Kaspersky rescue disk also allows UEFI booting but uses grub2 to boot. How do I add the grub command in bootx64.xml file located in efi/boot folder? The grub command menuentry "${kav}" { linux /boot/grub/k-x86_64 net.ifnames=0 lang=${lang} dostartx initrd /boot/grub/initrd.xz } Having True Image, Disk Director and Kaspersky rescue disk for removing virus without loading windows is the best combination of backup and recovery tools.
  2. Hi, In win 7 by default files downloaded by browser or download manager, files transferred by camera or scanners and so on are saved in the C:\Users folder.But incase a format is required saving the files is a very tedious job. Is a good idea to move the user folder to D drive? On re-installation of windows using the method to move user folder,will it work i.e the data stored by software would get restored?
  3. I followed all the steps as mentioned in the article.(I tried it in virtual PC).All files copied successfully (FAILED column = 0).but when I Restart I get the error "The User Profile Service service failed.The logon user profile cannot be loaded"
  4. Hi, How do I change the location of the folder C:\Users to D:\Users after installation of Windows 7 Ultimate (x86)?
  5. allen2 If I have to use linux livecd than abetter option is to boot using the bootable usb drive with avg rescue disk and use file manager (Midnight Commander) from the utilities menu. dencorso "You have two options: Ext2Fsd or Ex2IFS". I have tried both but both can only access a ex2 partition not linux ext2 ram disk image
  6. Hi, How do I modify / edit a ext2 file not partition in windows xp? I want to modify arl_rootfs.ext2 used in avg_rescue_disk so that I can offline update the definition file "incavi.avm" file
  7. Hi, When I boot the rescue cd.iso file created by Acronis True Image Home 2012 with grub4dos through bootable usb,all operations like creating and restoring backup images,creating acronis secure zone works perfectly.But the option to activate F11for startup recovery get the error as shown in the pic as files not found. The entry in the menu.lst file is title Acronis True Image Home 2012 map --mem (hd0,0)/cdimage/acronis.iso (hd32) map --hook chainloader (hd32) boot how do I rectify the problem?
  8. Hi, Is it possible to install the windows 7 "SETUP DVD" on a windows partition not install windows 7 on harddisk. Reason : Windows 7 setup dvd has the option to restore a backup image of installed windows on a partition.I wish to have it like as it is in laptops where there is a recovery option.I would use a boot loader with two boot options 1.Boot Windows 7 2.Recovery Please Guide.
  9. Thanks very much cdob.You have been of great help to me.
  10. Using the cracked setupldr.bin everything works fine as required. Should I change the SetupSourcePath in the AMD64\txtsetup.sif from SetupSourcePath = "\" to SetupSourcePath = "\IX64" ? Directory structure is \AMD64 \I386 (I386 of 32 bit) \IX64 (I386 of 64 bit renamed to IX64)
  11. For testing purpose 1.Kept the the same directory structure as of the 64bit iso. \AMD64 \I386 2.Copied \1386\setupdlr.bin to \1386\setupdlr.rep 3.Copied \AMD64\winnt.sif to \AMD64\winnt.rep 4.Patched bootsector to load setupdlr.rep (Replaced text setupdlr.bin to setupdlr.rep) 5.\AMD64\winnt.sif \AMD64\winnt.rep \I386\setupdlr.rep \I386\setupdlr.bin when I load the patched bootsector it works fine, but if the \I386\setupdlr.rep is patched for winnt.rep I get the error "NTLDR is corrupt"
  12. Thanks.I read the topic you have pointed towards.I am using EasyBoot to create the cd menu.To run xp setup in the easyboot command I enter "run xp64.bin".Replacing I386 to IX64 in xp64.bin is telling the boot sector that i386 is IX64 but if i386 is placed in a folder named xp64 would maybe have to place the bin file in the folder XP64 enter in the command "run \xp64\xp64.bin".I am unable to understand boot sector patching. Patching "second setupldr.bin to winnt .rep" and then for repair use " \XP64\AMD64\WINNT.REP".How? setupldr.bin and winnt.sif are two different types of files.
  13. Hi, PLEASE Guide. I am creating a multiboot cd with windows XP with 32 bit and 64 bit setups.I would basically have six boot options in the menu of the setup dvd, 1.WinXP Pro 32bit 2.Repair 32 bit 3.WinXP Pro 64bit 4.Repair 64 bit 5.Boot from Harddisk 6.Reboot PC Options 2 and 4 would rarely be used, but I prefer keeping them. The I386 folder of 32Bit is I386,32bit repair is named I32R,The I386 folder of 64Bit is renamed IX64 and 64Bit repair as I64R.The boot files of 32 and 64 bit have been extracted and named as XP32.bin,XP32R.bin,XP64.bin and XP64R.bin.In XP32R.bin,XP64.bin and XP64R.bin I
  14. Hi Radix, "When you build the installer, in Options window click Install Subtitutions and check Allow Relocation" When I select that option to create the install kit and run the kit it installs to the drive and folder from where it is run from.
  15. does that mean that I create the two folders I386 and IXPR and then use duplicates once switch in mkisofs .I am using Easyboot to create the menu.
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