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  1. Thanks, but I am not sure I am being understood correctly. I do not want to install RC7 on the RAID array. I want to install it to the separate hard drive. When I attempt to do this through Windows, I get an error as per my first post. If I try it through the boot process, there are no devices recognised. I am worried that if I go ahead at that stage and install the drivers, that I will not get the choice of where to install and therefore lose my Vista install by RC7 installing on the RAID array.
  2. When I try to install from within Windows, the drives show up. C drive = 2x250Gb HD's in RAID0. D drive = 1 partition on another 250Gb HD and E drive is the other partition on the 250Gb HD. These drives are all seen in bios. They are all seen when in Windows. RC7 starts installing to the E drive, then pops up that error message .
  3. Hi guys. I had the Windows 7 beta installed until the RC came out. I formatted the drive where the beta was and proceeded to install a Vlited version of RC7. Got to about 80% of the way through and just sort of hung there, although it was not frozen (cursor still moved). I waited for over an hour and no progress was made, so I cancelled (restarted computer) the install. I attempted (and am still trying) to install the un-Vlited version of RC7 to a separate hard drive and I get past the 'copying files' part and then 20% into the next stage and I get an error that says "Windows installation cannot continue because a required driver could not be installed." This happens now no matter what Windows I attempt to install. Does anyone have any idea what I can do? Would cancelling the original install have done something? Windows Vista on my RAID0 array is working flawlessly. Will add that these attempted installs have been tried within Windows. When I have tried booting from the DVD to install, it gets to the stage of asking which drive to install to, but says there are no devices found. Is that because I have the RAID0 configured in my bios? I don't want to ruin the array so have been reluctant to disable the array before installing through the boot procedure. Any help appreciated.
  4. All good. I tried an unattended install and it went flawlessly .
  5. It could come down to the pc you are using. As I stated above, I am running a quad core running at 3600Mhz with 4Gb of RAM. One core runs at almost 100% whilst the others are just ticking over. cpu total usage averaged 25%, whilst memory usage peaked at about 85%. That is quite a lot of RAM to use. Can you still see where the progress bar is active? It just may be the slow(er) pc you are using, but I am only a newbie to this program, so I cannot say for sure. I just completed another compilation in about 2 and a half hours.
  6. Mine just completed in just over 2 hours. 3rd time lucky?
  7. I am a little suspicious of mine too. Tried twice already for up to two hours. The progress bar seems to remain at the half-way point. PkgMgr showing multiple instances and using cpu. Am running it again at the moment and it is at the half way mark again after one hour. I am running a phenom 940BE @ 3.6Ghz. May be better for me to install the service pack after?
  8. Anyone tell me if it works with 64bit? Cheers EDIT. Ok. It appears that an uninstall-re-install of vlite did the trick. Thanks guys
  9. I must be doing something wrong because I keep getting an error message that the file format is incorrect. This happens when I try 7RC and Vista 64bit. Haven't tried my Vista 32bit yet.
  10. Hi. I am a new user to nlite and have already done a few XP discs. I am having problems getting nlite to work with the Windows 7RC. I have extracted all files from the iso I downloaded and when I try to run nlite, I get an error telling me I need to find the i386 or AMD64 folder. These do not exist though . What do I need to do in order to create an nlite iso with the RC7? Thanks for your help.
  11. I am running Vista Business 64bit and have just discovered nlite (very nice). I have already used it several times running from my Vista install. I had no problems slipping SP3 into the mix. XP Pro with SP2 was the original disc used. ISO was created and burnt with no problems. Installed on machine with no problems. Am I misunderstanding something relating to not being able to slip a SP for XP into the process running from Vista?

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