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  1. nlited win2k3 (web edition) with SP1 and winxp before i noticed that win2k3 commit charge after boot up is around 80mb to 90mb. while winxp commit charge after boot up is 50mb to 60mb. happy nlit"ing"
  2. i guess maybe i am out dated i dl and tried the latest nLite v1.0.1 Final and it seems work now thanks nuhi.
  3. picture worths thousand words. any idea? i am using nlite 1.0 RC1 nlite file here, nlite INI thank you.
  4. hi, wanna know the "litest" size (size, not size on disk) you got after nlite"d" win2k (sp4+hfslip) or winxp (sp2+hfslip). beside nlite tools, is there any other tools that after we set up win2k/xp, we could run eg. a .bat file to delete all "unnecessary/unpopular files" i got 134mb for win2k/sp4+hfslip (june 06) i heard somebody made it to 20mb man, is this real?

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