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  1. HI glad to see that the first solution Work. I konw that the second work to but deleteing or changing an EXE and DLL file is not the best solution for me. have a nice day. Florent
  2. hey BrainG looks like i found something for you on Adobe forum....... for me it's not a solution for a company but maybe for a user @ home could be good. here is the post i saw:
  3. i know i can use the help button in adobe but i don't want to do this cause i'm using this to deploy software to 800 Computers and i don't want user to touch anything so like this i'm sure there is no autoupdate by default when landesk is upgrading automaticly the software. and at each session i'm checking and pushing if the file is not corectly set in the userprofile folder/..../....... When explorer is invoking the reader i didn't see this for the momment i have to try. Please check with filemon and regmon what is called and what is SET or WRITE. See you UPDATE POST / UPDATE POST => I just check the File in question at the end of the file you have a line for APPLICATIONS ENABLED try to edit it like this : <ApplicationsEnabled> <MapPrefEntry MapPrefKey="reader8rdr-en_US">0</MapPrefEntry> </ApplicationsEnabled> </AdobeUpdater> Change the value for you reader in questiojn here reader 8 set to "0" to disable it. keep me in touch Thx by advance
  4. HI ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Found my solution !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so in fact with filemon i saw something. When you deactivate autoupdate adobe is changing a file call : Adobeupdaterprefs.dat. which is located in %userprofile%\Local settings\Application Data\Adobe\updater5. Then you have to change variables in file like this : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <AdobeUpdater> <logFile[b]>[u]%userprofile%[/u][/b]\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Updater5\aum.log</logFile> <logLevel>2</logLevel> <DisplayLang></DisplayLang> <SilentCheck>0</SilentCheck> <ConnectionType>0</ConnectionType> <Launch></Launch> <IsFirstRun>0</IsFirstRun> <InTrayIcon>0</InTrayIcon> <LastDateCheck>2007-08-07</LastDateCheck> <InBackground>0</InBackground> <DownloadDir[u]>[b]%userprofile%[/b][/u]\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Updater5\Install</DownloadDir> <ShowNewProducts>0</ShowNewProducts> <AutoCheck>0</AutoCheck> <AutoCheckType>0</AutoCheckType> <AutoCheckFreq>1</AutoCheckFreq> <ApplicationsEnabled> <MapPrefEntry MapPrefKey="reader8rdr-en_US">0</MapPrefEntry> </ApplicationsEnabled> </AdobeUpdater> Edit script like this, in fact i change what i put in Big caracter with line (=> %userprofile%) to allow deploying on multiple computers. create a script to deploy your modify file to other computer and you are done .
  5. hi geezery, Thanks for your tip, looks like a good solution but if i'm right i can't use it because i'm using landesk, and to deploy update i'm using the security and patch manager which don't allow me to customize the package.... i know it's a little bite strange but i have to use the standard package provide by landesk, and all opérations to customize have to be done after setup...... i find with filemon and regmon that when i'm running the preference tool for adobe update, the software is righting directly in the user local setings/application data/adobe/updater5in different files. I will try to customize this. in parralel work i'll try to customize the package if it's possible as you told me. thanks for your answer.
  6. HI everybody , I'm working on few update for my company....and adobe acrobat reader 8.0 is in the list. The fact is that i want to disable auto update with a batch / reg Key / or other solution. I did all option in acrobat reader 8 but looks like they don't put an option for auto update. maybe there is no auto update but this looks strange regardeing older version. If some one have a solution i will apreciate. Thanks by advance
  7. Hi everybody, I would like to know if someone could give me a tutorial or a exemple of a procedure to shut down like 30 server to moov them in an other Room. here is a list of servers i have: 2 DC (master & slave) 1 exchange Cluster lot of aplication servers (26 more or less) Thx by advance
  8. HI every one ... I'm here to ask you if anyone knows how to make a data room server. I mean : I would like to create a web page where authenticated user can drop files in folder. a kind of share folder but with more security and more graphical. If some one have an idea... thanks by advance...
  9. Hi everybody !! i've a Micorsoft office 2003 pro french and i would like to edit document in Greek.... but i can''t find the download lnk for this . some one can help me ??? if you know a link for office 2000 or XP i will apreciate too. this is really important & if i'm posting here today it's because i didn't find the software on the web. Thanks by advance for your answers.
  10. i've just bought a mac book pro 2 month ago no problem so far and i installed boot camp and for the momment im really happy no problem and i can play guildwars LOL hihi !!! i'm really impress by the work of apple to be able to build a beta so great with just a nug with webcam which make a blue screen of death when you try to use it ( but driver are not ok for the momment LOL )
  11. Hi all I would like to know if someone can help me to choose a good & free mail server, which doesn't need to be in a domain, only in workgroup to install it (like exchange which need to be in a domain). for information i'm using a Windows 2003 Server in Workgroup, no domain installed it's a standalone machine, i don't need a domain, this server is not for a company it's for test for myself that's why it's in WORKGROUP So if someone have an idea ... please let me know
  12. oki found the **** PB it was from this stupid ASTARO crap astaro is cool but sometimes it's f***ed up LOL thx all
  13. hi all i would like to know if there is a possibility to block or to allow https web site in users GPO if yes WHERE is it LOL can't find a solution ( didn't see anything) thx by advance 4 Answer
  14. THX all & THX for you Zxian i will try BYE
  15. Hi all & specialy Zxian & Tokugawapants Could someone help me to realise the command prompt "desklet" that is a really cool stuff !!! thx by advance for answer

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