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  1. fix my zen micro!

    i had a problem once with my creative zen micro photo when i tried to connect my player to my computer. some things was happing to the driver so i removed and installed it serval times but this didnt work so i just left it. any after a wee while i thought i would try it again and it now works?. Creative's web site gives u steps to do if u have any problems.
  2. looking for Idlewild videos

    dose any know where i can get good quality Idlewild videos. i have tried bittorent and lime wire and they don have any. i have got some Idlewild videos but the quality isnt very good. thanks for ur help.
  3. microsoft zune

  4. microsoft zune

    I think lots of people will buy the zune mainly because it' from microsoft and lots of people trust microsoft. there is no way that it will sell better than the ipod because the ipod convenient and pretty easy to use. i just dont see a need for microsoft to produce a mp3 player other than to annoy apple.
  5. microsoft zune

    yeh drm's do suck. they spoil the whole point of downloading music
  6. microsoft zune

    who thinks that microsoft are being stupid relesing the "Zune". their is no way that it can compete with the ipod ( especially as apple have 75% of the the mp3 player market in america and creative only have 4%) this war is not against apple and microsoft it's against apple and creative.
  7. safe mode!

    My friend has asked me to help him because his new computer that he got keeps going into safe mode when he turns it on. the OS is xp media center. what could be wrong with it and how could it be fixed? thanks.
  8. DRM's

    im just going to burn my music on to cds then rip them into mp3s
  9. please help :)

    in your Zen MicroPhoto Media Explorer on your computer at the bottom it says "Synchronize media and outlook express" or click on "Manage organiser data"
  10. DRM's

    i got a bit frightend today because i hav just relised that their is a limit to how many times u can put music with DRM on to ur players and their is limits to how many times u can play music on ur computer. does any know the exact figures ?
  11. Charging Zen Micro

    the british models dont come with wall changers either which i thought was a bit strange. hav u tried it on sombody else's computer? see if it charges then
  12. Zen Micro Photo

    yeh i have a blue one. their quite easy to use once u hav mastered the touch pad which is really sesitive but u get used to it with in a day. u get two different creative software packages.the creative media source organizer which is just the media player u can use to rip cds.and their is the zen explorer which allows u to put pictures and music on the player. the only bad thing i would say about the player is it is a bit chunky for it size and u cant listen to music and view your photos at the same time.apart from that it's really good.
  13. hello to everyone

    hello everyone