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  1. http://www.microsoft.com/products/expression/
  2. Yeah, I had the same problem - you need to format the partition first using 3rd party software, then reboot and retry the install. LH won't format it for you. I've actually installed 5048 on a second (8gb) disk in a virtual machine running XP RME, as setup seemed to hang doing a single os install (on vmware 5). It's installed fine, and the vmware tools went on without a hitch.
  3. I wondered this too, but 1) I don't like codec packs (too troublesome!) 2) 51 pages is a little too much to trawl though for such a small piece of info! So, why not access gspot through "Open With"? Just browse to gspot.exe and select it. You can even pre-set what files gspot appears for using this proggie here - http://www.baxbex.com/ox2.html. - and it's free for home use. Hope this helps!
  4. So, what you're saying is, that even though I have an OS that does all I need and want it to, I should fork out £250+ for Longhorn the day it ships? Hmmm. Following that logic through, should I sell my car and buy a new one every time a new model appears? Of course not. I'll upgrade to LH at some point no doubt, but not straight away, not just because it's there. Which is the more bull headed? Waiting until there's a need to upgrade, or rushing out to buy it just because it's new? The only ones to lose out will be the early adopters, who'll still be acting as unpaid bug-testers. Me? I'll wait til it's stable, and then decide.
  5. Try... View>> as Web Page Should now give the left hand side preview pane. Hope this helps
  6. If anyone is into UK rap/hip-hop, like The Streets, or that sorta thing, I'd recommend checking out the above mentioned GLC (Also known - being Welsh - as The Beastie Boyos ). I'd have to say that due to the language used, and the subject matter, they're really not suitable for under 18's. But, if you're over that age, have a good sense of humour, and like a bit o' hip-hop, check them out. Radio 1 has (occasionally) been playing their single "Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do", and there's another single out soon, "Half Man Half Machine" which will appeal especially to anyone 30 or over. You knows it makes sense GLC Website (mp3s are available on the site)
  7. Yeah, I've got a soft spot for them myself, since about '88 - a little too quirky for me though. I take it you've been to their website? There are free mp3s (with the newsletters), news on a new album, and various other things.
  8. Good work fellas, it's just started to annoy me too, the context menu filling up (Usually I've had to re-install by the time its getting full... ). The top link of ravashaak's post sorted me out - cheers mate!
  9. Be careful with Fedora Core 2 - under certain circumstances, the installer (Anaconda) makes changes to the hard drive geometry which can lead to Windows XP - in a dual boot, same drive scenario - NOT BOOTING. No data is lost, but it can be rather arsey to sort out. Have a look at this at redhat.com, and this at oreillynet.com, before diving straight in. If you pass the HDD parameters to the installer then Anaconda won't make any changes, so you should be ok, but IMHO I'd go for FC1 - stable, dual boots nicely, and a good all round linux desktop.
  10. Well appparently now, if you try to install SP2 with a pirated key, Microsoft will send a team to your house who will come in and hide your car keys, spit in your yoghurt, laugh at your families photographs, scuff your wooden floors, mis-match every pair of socks you own, and remove all soft furnishings and replace them with splinter-covered orange crates. Well, thats what I've heard....
  11. Yep, Apple monitors work just fine with an adaptor plug - mate of mine got a 21" Apple monitor for a song, and it worked just fine.
  12. Have a look at this - http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=836983. Its for Win2k, but the same procedure should probably help
  13. I'd suggest CoolMon, with Motherboard Monitor, very configurable, very handy, very free
  14. Not sure if its the same with SP2 installs of v5 update, but after installation of v5 on an SP1a machine its a right bugger to get rid of. To uninstall that, the only way is apparently to search for all 'wuau' files in the system folder dated 3/9/2004 or later & remove them - (about 4 or 5 of them). You may have to stop the Windows Update service to remove the engine. Then find wuweb.dll, wups.dll, wuapi.dll & wucltui.dll & remove these as well. Problem is, windows then tends to forget your installation history for hotfixes, even though if you click through to installation history it shows them all applied! If you can't get rid of it any other way, it may be worth it.
  15. You could try LINE (the wonderfully recursively named LINE Is Not an Emulator) from http://line.sourceforge.net/. It's still alpha, but so was WINE for Linux for aaages and that worked fine for a good number of win32 apps. It's free, give it a try!
  16. From: Liverpool, England. Now live: Anglesey, North Wales. Sorta dual nationality under residence laws now....
  17. Well, I've got a P1 box running 98SE as a winamp player downstairs, but technically the oldest os I use on a (ok, semi-) regular basis is ZX Basic on my faithful old Sinclair Spectrum (48k, of course ) And for anyone who remembers them, the reason is 3fold - 1) the feel of that keyboard, with its easy to see commands printed on, 2) one of my all time fave games, iD and 3) pure nostalgia. And of course for the fact that when it crashes, a flick of the switch and it resets in about 2 seconds. Beat that, microsoft
  18. Hi, just wondering if anyone can tell me why I can't get windows 95 to install under VMWare 4.0.2, VirtualPC 5.2 or VirtualPC2004 beta? Every time I try, it gets to the setup page, attempts to copy the files needed for install across to the virtual hard drive and then throws up an error about my having disk compression software or similar running. Can someone please give me a shove in the right direction? (BTW, in case anyone was wondering, now it's a M$ product, the "Linux" option under Guest OS in VirtualPC has gone, to join the all-encompassing 'other'...)
  19. That's bloody horrible......top find dude!
  20. Mozilla Firebird is my current browser of choice, under Windows and Linux.
  21. Is that what just caused this...? Mail Error! SMTP protocol failure! Host: localhost Return Code: 501 Return Msg: 501 RCPT must have an address operand Invision Power Board Error: Check your SMTP settings from the admin control panel (this was at 00:22GMT 19.10.03) the post appeared ok when I checked back - it just gave me a bit of a fright, that's all....

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